About Me

Hey there! My name is Marine, like the ocean. I currently live in the Philadelphia area, but I was born in France and grew up in New Jersey. I'm a croissant-maker, and a yoga teacher. I love pizza, laughing, and dinosaurs, and I have a strong weakness for chocolate chip cookies. I'm really enthusiastic about things, but not in an overbearing way. I also ask way too many questions. My ultimate dream is to travel the country while selling melt-in-your-mouth cookies and treats alongside cups of deliciously hand-poured coffee with a goofy smile and enthusiasm for life. I'm married to an amazing guy named Shawn, who somehow puts up with my ridiculous antics. (I shared the story of how we met here.) The other two members of our little family are our crazy (cute) cats, Lloyd and Sylvester. Together, we're living every day the best that we can, and I'm sharing snippets along the way - in the form of pictures & paragraphs.