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I've got big news!

Well hello, old friend! It seems this space hasn't seen much action the past few months... and that was never my intention. Not to make excuses, or really apologize for the absence, but things at work got very exhausting after the summertime, which led to me feeling less than inspired creatively, so this space just got shoved to the wayside. I've been posting on Instagram pretty regularly though, so if you'd like to keep up with me, or you just like cat photos, that's the place to be. There's lots of fun stuff there that I never shared here, like my trips to France, Spain, & Portland, getting a perm, and then cutting most of my hair off a few months later. I think I owe you guys some photos! But anyways, Shawn and I have some pretty big news and I thought this would be a fitting time to make my way back over to this little corner of the internet.

And before you even think it, NO, we are not pregnant. Let's just get that out of the way real quick, k, thanks.…