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Blog Maintenance

Just quickly popping in to let you guys know that some images on the blog may not be working for a bit... for the past 8+ years I've been using Photobucket to host any of my non-photo images (pretty much all the blog design stuff, and anything for the Fun Finds Friday posts, Netflix posts, etc), but Photobucket suddenly decided to stop hosting 3rd party photos unless you pay them an absurd fee. So I'm in the process of migrating everything over to my Flickr account, and then I have to go through each individual post and change each link. I have 700+ posts. Yeah, it's a process. I'm not happy about it. So bear with me while I switch everything over! Thank you!

Also, I've been thinking about switching the blog over to Wordpress for a while now, and I think this may be the push I need. So before I get too involved in moving photos, do any other bloggers have tips or good references for how to make the Blogger >>> Wordpress switch? I'd really appreciate it!

I love you all! Thank you for sticking with me!


  1. Ug, that is so frustrating! I used to use photobucket all the time back in the day. :( I just switched back to blogger after being on wordpress for a few months. At first I really liked wordpress, the website seem more slick, and gave the illusion of more options. But it has limited photo space and actually has way less options unless you upgrade and pay a certain fee a month. After I transferred all my blogger posts to wordpress I had already almost used up the free 3GB worth of photo space! But maybe there are ways around those things and I didn't give it enough of a chance! I'm not that great at figuring out computer related things. If you do decide to switch I'd be interested to hear what you think!

    1. Update! So I went back and forth about it for months... and finally decided to just stay on Blogger. I've been using Blogger for so long now that it just seems frustrating to try to migrate anywhere else. My brain can't handle learning new blog things - hahaha! So I definitely feel ya on that! I think the toughest thing for me now will be the Photobucket image migration, and sorting through all of my old blog posts to clean everything up a bit.


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