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Blog Maintenance

Just quickly popping in to let you guys know that some images on the blog may not be working for a bit... for the past 8+ years I've been using Photobucket to host any of my non-photo images (pretty much all the blog design stuff, and anything for the Fun Finds Friday posts, Netflix posts, etc), but Photobucket suddenly decided to stop hosting 3rd party photos unless you pay them an absurd fee. So I'm in the process of migrating everything over to my Flickr account, and then I have to go through each individual post and change each link. I have 700+ posts. Yeah, it's a process. I'm not happy about it. So bear with me while I switch everything over! Thank you!

Also, I've been thinking about switching the blog over to Wordpress for a while now, and I think this may be the push I need. So before I get too involved in moving photos, do any other bloggers have tips or good references for how to make the Blogger >>> Wordpress switch? I'd really appreciate i…

Summer Bucket List

Go hiking & visit a waterfall. - When Shawn and I first moved out here (8 years ago...) we were so excited to visit nearby parks and go hiking. And yet, here we are, years later, and we haven't gone on a single hike (out here anyway - we were more proactive that year we lived in NJ...) I keep coming across a post about all the waterfalls in Pennsylvania, and I've been meaning to get to one. So that's a goal - by the end of this summer we will have gone on (at least) one hike and seen a waterfall!

Visit Centralia, PA. - Speaking of visiting things, we've been talking about checking out this old mining town for a few years now as well. It's now a ghost town, after an underground fire forced most of the population out of town. It's one of those off-the-beaten-track tourist attractions, and I'm determined to make it there this summer!

Bike 25 miles. There's a trail that runs through the suburbs and into center city Philly, and a friend and I have been bik…


Watching: Hulu. I signed up a free 30-day trial and we decided to stay subscribed. Shawn was getting tired of Netflix and wants me to cancel it, but I like some of the things Netflix has to offer that Hulu doesn't! I won't lie though, I have been thoroughly enjoying catching up on the latest season of New Girl, and having every single episode of Seinfeld at my fingertips. We also had an Arnold day recently and watched The 6th Day and Terminator Genisys. And, we've been watching Fargo, the tv show... I've only seen four episodes, but Shawn has been breezing through it. I like it so far though!

Listening: To the rain tapping against the windows. We've had the most summery summer weather lately - mid day rain storms and then the sun rolls back in. I love it, but I don't love the humidity that comes with it. We're trying our hardest not to buy an A/C this summer, but the constant rain & humidity are making this très difficile.

Eating: All the summer vegetable…