Friday, June 16

Happy Sly-iversary!

Today marks three years since we brought Sylvester into our family! He's still just as handsome, chatty, and cuddly as ever. I thought I'd celebrate by posting some ridiculous photos of him. Enjoy!

That last one is my favorite - it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at the world. Or trying to catch a fly buzzing around him ;) Happy anniversary, Sylvester- this little family certainly wouldn't be the same without you!

Friday, June 2

Cats Overload

Holy smokes, I haven't done a cat post since January! I guess I owe y'all one! (Well, and apparently I hadn't uploaded any photos to my computer since early April... where the hell have I been?!) Here's a selection of photos from January through today. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a few of these already. And if you don't follow me on Instagram... why the heck not?! It's the mecca of Lloyd photos over there, for real! I could do the cat blogger thing and create a separate Instagram for them, but then I'd have nothing to post on my regular one ;)

June marks two things around here - one year since Lloyd's dental surgery, and halfway through the month, three years with Sylvester! Lloyd has had zero teeth issues since the surgery - yay! (Knock on wood... I still can't believe the whirlwind that was last June; here's hoping that this year June will be less intense for all of us!) The boys have been getting along so well lately - I catch them snuggled up together on the couch or our bed almost daily - they've come such a long way in three years! We were reflecting on it recently and realized that Lloyd was probably standoffish initially because he was dealing with all his teeth stuff. Ever since his surgery and moving into this apartment, the two of them have really been thriving together.

Sylvester begs us daily to let him out onto the balcony... Lloyd is slightly more hesitant to go outside. We're thinking about getting them a little tent for outside so that we don't have to watch them so intently to make sure they don't escape onto our neighbor's balcony. Right now, they get short spurts of time outside with us but get put right back inside as soon as any funny business starts. Some birds made a nest inside the pillar on the one side of our balcony, and Lloyd is obsessed with trying to get the baby birds. It's pretty funny, actually... every time we sit out on the balcony, Papa bird flies out and stands on a nearby branch and chirps at us until we go back inside. Gotta love noisy neighbors.

So that's your cat update! I promise I won't wait another six months before the next one. I actually have a silly series of photos of Sylvester to post for his anniversary - so stay tuned!
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