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Showing posts from June, 2017

Happy Sly-iversary!

Today marks three years since we brought Sylvester into our family! He's still just as handsome, chatty, and cuddly as ever. I thought I'd celebrate by posting some ridiculous photos of him. Enjoy!

That last one is my favorite - it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at the world. Or trying to catch a fly buzzing around him ;) Happy anniversary, Sylvester- this little family certainly wouldn't be the same without you!

Cats Overload

Holy smokes, I haven't done a cat post since January! I guess I owe y'all one! (Well, and apparently I hadn't uploaded any photos to my computer since early April... where the hell have I been?!) Here's a selection of photos from January through today. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen a few of these already. And if you don't follow me on Instagram... why the heck not?! It's the mecca of Lloyd photos over there, for real! I could do the cat blogger thing and create a separate Instagram for them, but then I'd have nothing to post on my regular one ;)

June marks two things around here - one year since Lloyd's dental surgery, and halfway through the month, three years with Sylvester! Lloyd has had zero teeth issues since the surgery - yay! (Knock on wood... I still can't believe the whirlwind that was last June; here's hoping that this year June will be less intense for all of us!) The boys have been getting along so well late…