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Fun Finds Friday #141

Does anyone else think a typewriter keyboard is super awesome?!?!?!I really enjoy this poem. Self love is the most important love.How to plan a wedding in five days. Because, seriously, who needs all that other wedding B.S.? (Not us!)As someone who only uses soap & moisturizer every day, I can agree with this post.I like shirts with food on them.Apparently, cats are nice. Well, duh.This is the kind of art I can appreciate. (Anything that makes me smile.)Small house dreams. Because we all have them! No? Just me? Okay.Annnnnd on that note.... the end of that article made me think of that show Hoarders, and how people spiral into a weird emotional state concerning stuff when they lose someone. I like my stuff because it makes me smile and because it's pretty, but I'm not opposed to getting rid of it, especially if it's not serving a purpose. But I also like having quirky things displayed around our home. Does that mean I'm emotionally invested in it? I don't happe…

More Brain Blabber

I'm currently procrastinating on doing the dishes. Maybe it's too early to claim this, seeing as this is only the second post in this "series", but it seems like every time I do one of these posts I have something in the oven. Today it's granola. I ran out about two weeks ago and had every intention of making some last week, but with temperatures in the 80's, there was no (f-ing) way I was turning on the oven for 40 minutes. So I pushed off the reminder on my phone every day for another 24 hours. Well, today's the day! I had to run to Whole Foods to grab some honey because it's the only thing I forgot to grab initially. Of course, a trip to Whole Foods never ends up being cheap - you go in there for one or two things and walk out with a bag full of stuff... I know I can't be the only one who continuously finds myself in this predicament. Today I went in for celery and honey, and walked out with those things, plus four yogurts, mayonnaise, dijon mu…

Fun Finds Friday #140

I kinda love this language chart.These cacti are the cutest!!Some really neat blackout blinds that I wouldn't mind putting in our apartment.This pin has two of my favorite things.
Invest in yourself.I hate this question.Book covers matched with people!OMG, lego tape!!!I love love love how Lloyd & Sylvester smell.I'll have one Krusty burger, please.This is impressive.Good job.
Happy Friday!!!!