Friday, December 30

Fun Finds Friday #134

  • Wearing Vans makes me feel like a kid again... even more so if they're Toy Story themed!
  • I'm not usually a fan of white tees... but come on...
  • Am I totally crazy for wanting a napsack?! They're so ridiculously neat!
  • I really really want a monmon cat tattoo.


Happy Friday! Happy new year! See ya in 2017!

Wednesday, December 28

Secret Santa

I will admit, I'm not the most well-versed person on social media... I check Facebook only a handful of times per week, Instagram about once a day, and I legitimately forget that I have a Twitter account for months at a time. I only use Snapchat with family and close friends, and as far as Pinterest goes, I stopped using it for anything other than storage years ago... but that's about all the "socializing" I do when it comes to the internet.

That being said, despite not fully immersing myself, I've been lucky to meet some pretty awesome people on some of those platforms! About two years ago I posted on Instagram about taking Christmas cookie orders if anyone was interested... Erin, who had been following me for a while, was the only person who took me up on it. Since she lives in Philly, I told her I'd deliver them in person instead of mailing them. When we met up, we immediately hit it off! Since then, we've hung out a few more times, specifically at the crafty parties she likes to host. This year, she also invited me to be part of a giant cross-country Secret Santa she hosts!

Everyone was asked to post a little blurb about what they like/want for Christmas, and then she randomly assigned everyone a Secret Santa. We had a few weeks to shop, wrap, and mail out our gifts, and we've all been keeping up with the progress and various gifts through Facebook. Now that pretty much all the gifts have been received, I figured it would be okay to post about it. I had a ton of fun doing this, and I really hope she organizes it again next year. If she doesn't, I plan on doing one myself! There's just something so gratifying about curating a gift box for someone - especially someone you've never met!

The person I was assigned also lives in Philly, and this was her blurb:
I like baking supplies (think cookbooks, fun cookie cutters and cake decorating things). Also love hot chocolate and teas. Also fun stationary, like notebooks and fun colorful pens. I've also really been into adult coloring books (fun ones like doctor who, Harry Potter, etc)

Um, has there ever been anyone more perfect for me to shop for?! Baking, tea, and stationary - yes, please! I got her some Pokemon cookie cutters, a rubber spatula, a few of my favorite teas, some notepads, a Doctor Who coloring book, my favorite colorful pens, and I sewed her a pencil case to store the pens in. She loved the cookie cutters! I requested photos for when she finally uses them.

Here was my blurb:
I love cats, dinosaurs, tea, stationary, chocolate, gin, puns, pizza, ridiculous patterns, stickers for my planner, heartfelt words of encouragement, and bohemian inspired jewelry/clothes/housewares. I also collect clocks, and salt & pepper shakers.

My gift arrived on Tuesday! She sent me two S&P shaker sets - a vintage cat one from Etsy that she had to dispute when it was never sent, and a set of dinosaurs that she bought after she thought the cat ones would never arrive... the Etsy seller did end up sending the originals after she contacted Etsy, and they arrived on the same day as the dinosaur ones! She also sent me two planners, a lucky cat pin, a pretty scarf, and some really cool holographic dinosaur stickers. Yes! Love it!

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had an awesome holiday! Ours was low key... I made pancakes, potatoes, bacon, and sausage for breakfast, and we watched Christmas movies all day, with naps in between.... basically what we do every Sunday already ;)

Have you ever participated in a secret santa? Do you want to? I may attempt to organize a blogger-to-blogger secret santa for next year! Not quite sure how I would go about that yet, but it sounds like fun!

Wednesday, December 21


I've been M.I.A. for a little bit here, but no apologies! December always seems to be a busy month for everyone, myself included. Work has been heavier on orders these past few weeks, so I've been more exhausted than usual. Definitely looking forward to a three day weekend and a very relaxing Christmas. We're not going anywhere this year - the plan is to make brunch at home and watch a bunch of Christmas movies on Sunday! Here's a peek at the past few weeks.

Favorite things lately....
  • Pizza. Always pizza. We have a friend who has perfected making his at home, and they had us over for dinner a few weeks ago. I brought dessert (apple crisps), of course! And instead of going out for dinner, Shawn and I tried our hand at making homemade pizza to celebrate our third anniversary last week. It was really tasty, but I still have some work to do on that crust. Hm... looks like I'm just going to have to keep making pizzas until I get it right!
  • I recently got the new iPhone 7s... I switched over from an android - I was skeptical at first but now I love it! The camera is amazing, and you can look forward to a ton more portraits of the cats. No seriously, a ton. Since, you know, I don't really take photos of much else. Do you follow me on Instagram yet? Get your weekly dose of Lloyd and Sylvester there.
  • My friend hired me to make some sliders and dinner rolls for her sister's rehearsal dinner (see above). Pricing everything out and making sure our new apartment's oven was up for the task was quite the adventure. I delivered them in person and helped make veggie bouquet center pieces for the tables - they came out so cute! This was my first official catering order, and also my first time seeing my friend since we graduated high school (over ten years ago!!!), so it was a pretty eventful day.
  • Watching the sun set with an airplane window view - wow! Cameras never quite capture it. My New Orleans experience wasn't exactly what you might expect - I walked a whole heck of a lot (with the wrong shoes for such a task... not sure why I didn't think I'd be doing a lot of walking), spent a lot of time with my friend's 7-year old son (we played War with his toy soldiers... that was definitely a first for me; apparently I don't have the imagination I used to have), and I ate more shrimp over the course of three days than I have in the past three years. Okay, maybe that's exactly what you'd expect a trip to New Orleans to be. Oh, and street music!
  • I taught my first yoga class ever on Friday! I was equal parts excited and terrified. Eight people showed up! I knew all of them except one; not sure if that made it easier or more difficult. Everyone said I did great, I'm a natural, and they really enjoyed it. So, there's that! Hopefully the next few classes won't be as mentally and physically trying. It seriously took everything out of me - I went out to dinner with a friend afterwards and was ready to fall asleep on the bar top at 7:30pm. On the other hand, it's so satisfying to be able to say I've taught my first class! I'm glad that's out of the way.

Also! I'm not allowed to have my phone on me at work, hence why I don't ever take photos of anything I do there. But my boss recently took a timelapse of me making chocolate croissants - check me out in action! (If you're in a feed reader, you'll probably have to go to the actual blog to see it.)

Friday, December 2

Fun Finds Friday #133

  • Can't wait to use this on this year's holiday cards!
  • What do you think about this more accurate world map?
  • Mood boards that win.
  • It's almost the new year... is it time for a life audit?
  • A similar thing happened to a friend of mine recently... ask yourself is this a good time?
  • I love this! Who doesn't love getting gifts in the mail?!

Happy Friday!!
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