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So this is 29....

I am officially 29 years old as of today Saturday! (I meant to get this post up over the weekend... oops!) I've been alive for almost three whole decades... isn't that a scary thought? I'm 29 years old... and 29 years young, and I feel both every day. Do you ever stop feeling like a child? I mean, will any of us ever really feel grown up? Because some days I feel like I'm a teenager all over again. And I think as long as we have our parents around, we'll always feel like kids. Like we don't know enough (or we know way too much), and we still need help with things that seem silly. I think that is growing up, but I don't really know what being a grown up means. If it means paying bills on time, and budgeting, and planning for the future, then yeah, I guess I'm not too bad at being a grown up. But those things also still scare me, and I don't know if that feeling ever goes away. But, here's to 29 - the last year of my third decade!

I don't usu…

Fun Finds Friday #131

I want to make one of these for Lloyd so bad!OMG THIS COAT.Two of my favorite things.Would love this console for our records and player.
An incredibly neat & involved project.This is the cutest thing I've seen all week!I love this dress! But apparently my boobs wouldn't fit in there...Bought myself a new mug, and it makes me smile.Hair helmets! (And then some.)I wish my textbooks had been this interesting.
Happy Friday!!!!

Rainbow Lloyd

I recently bought some window film for the door in our kitchen, purely for the sake of a little extra privacy. I didn't realize it would create some pretty amazing rainbows throughout our kitchen and living room too! Here's a little bit of rainbow Lloyd for you on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

Fun Finds Friday #130

Such a pretty necklace! It would match my wardrobe perfectly.I have been coveting this bag ever since I saw it in person.Oh my goodness. So freaking cute!Love this rug too!
The truth behind perfect instagram photos.Mind blown.I would like to make art like this.More pin love.Rare historic photos.I've been practicing my envelope calligraphy.
Happy Friday!!!!!

Brain Blabber

In light of my recent determination to be more "myself" here, I thought I'd try a stream of consciousness post. I'm hoping to make a series of these, maybe once a month (but don't hold me to that - please, I'm serious, don't.) and I'm calling it brain blabber... because that's pretty much what you're about to get. A whole lotta jumbled thoughts on one page. Are you ready?

Right now there's a whole chicken (yes, a whole f*cking five pound(!) chicken) poaching on my stove. I have never poached a whole chicken before. You know why? Because I don't have a pot big enough to do that in... of course I realized this too late, and I'm just going with it. The water jussssssst barely covers the chicken, and may will probably boil over, but whatever. I'm making chicken soup, and if you wanna make a proper chicken soup, you have to poach the chicken. I don't really know how long that takes though... it's 5:30pm now, so hopefully it …