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  • I booked a flight to New Orleans for a long weekend in December! My friend Jess moved down there a few months ago, and I snagged a cheap flight as soon as I found one. I've never been there before; I can't wait to explore!
  • The new job is getting more and more comfortable. I'm still working at (what feels like) a slow pace, but everyone seems pleased, myself included. I'm so happy I made the switch!
  • I rode seven miles on my bike the other day! It may not seem like much, but I can't honestly remember the last time I did anything other than ride around the neighborhood on any bike I've ever owned. A friend and I rode to get pizza and beer a few towns over - definitely have to do that more often. Side note: I know I'm "in shape" because of my yoga practice, but five minutes on my bike gets me super out of breath every time. I definitely need to start riding on a regular basis so that my muscles can get used to it.
  • I bought myself a small sketch pad. I've been really inspired by the row homes across the street at work - I'd like to try my hand at doing rough pen illustrations of urban landscapes. I figured buying a sketch pad was the first step... now I just need to start using it!

It hasn't all been fun and games around here...
  • My Kitchenaid mixer broke. I was making chocolate chip cookies for Shawn's birthday last week and noticed tiny metal shards in the dough... further investigation showed that a screw came loose at some point, which slowly shredded and tore through the metal rim inside the head of the mixer. Who knows how long we've been eating things with metal shards in them?! My warranty was only good for one year, and the mixer is over six years old. I don't know what to do! I'm really torn up because baking weather is finally upon us!
  • Lloyd has a UTI... poor little guy can't catch a break this year! Hopefully it's nothing serious and clears up quickly. He is a trooper!