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Magic Gardens

Back in July, my sister, brother, and I spent a day walking/eating/drinking around Philadelphia. I love showing people around Philadelphia; it's such an underrated city! Everyone on the upper east coast is all about New York City, but I personally find Philadelphia to be so much more interesting. Aside from all the history, there's art everywhere you look, coffee shops on every block, and restaurants of every sort! Plus, the big appeal for me is that it's so incredibly walkable. Sure, you can't see everything there is to see in one day (or one weekend), but you can see so much of the city just by walking from one end to the other. So that's pretty much what we did! We almost got heat stroke because I thought it would be a great idea to walk along the boardwalk on a 95+ degree day in full sun... oops! Note to self, don't drink whiskey and then walk outside in full sun.

One of the places we spent a little time at was Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. I had walked past this place a few times before but had never actually gone in. It's a non-profit gallery space on South Street, and it's the largest work created by artist Isaiah Zagar. There's an outdoor labyrinth and some indoor galleries as well. Everything is made from recycled objects - tiles, bottles, plates, bike wheels, found objects... it's really just a giant mosaic garden! He also has a few mosaic murals along South Street.

We had a lot of fun walking through it, and since we went during the week, it wasn't overly crowded. I took a bunch of photos but I'm not happy with the way most of them turned out. It was just too sunny that day, and I only had my phone on me. Regardless, I thought it'd be neat to give you guys a glimpse of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens!

If you're ever in Philly, you should check it out!