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This is just an update...

Shawn hooked up our internet on Sunday, and I finally have a day off to be able to post, so I figured it was high time to update you guys on what June has brought us so far.


In case you missed the previous post, Lloyd needed emergency dental surgery earlier this month, and we needed help financing it. I reached out to Kaylah to help us get the word out, because Lloyd was close to her readers' hearts before he became a member of our family, and the donations came pouring in. Thank you all so so much! We really can't express how sincerely grateful we are for your help. When I told my dad that I wasn't sure how best to say "thank you" to everyone, he said the best way is to just take care of Lloyd and ensure he's back to his silly happy ol' self... so that's what we're doing :) But seriously, thank you.

Lloyd had his surgery last Wednesday, and although the surgeon recommended that all of his teeth be extracted, they were only able to remove 18 during the few hours he was under anesthesia. Yes, 18 teeth! They left his canines and a few incisors, so he doesn't look like a gummy grandpa ;) We were sent home with some painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, and dental rinse. Anyone with cats knows that giving them medication is a task in and of itself, but Lloyd has been pretty good about it. I think he realizes that all those things are helping him, not hurting him. At the previous vet's recommendation, we've been feeding him baby food (because he refused to eat anything else), but he is slowly coming back around to eating cat food. We may need to try some new wet food though - I think the smell of the old food is triggering him to be afraid of eating. Aside from that, he is getting his personality back! It has only been one week since the surgery, but he's hiding less, and cuddling more, and he was playing with his toys this morning! Our little guy is a trooper, and we are incredibly happy to be seeing the Lloyd we know and love coming back out of his shell.

The new apartment:

The same day that Lloyd initially went to the vet, we got the keys to our new apartment. It was a bittersweet day, because of the dual experiences, but now things are finally starting to look up! I don't know if it's the painted walls, the different sunlight, or just the overall vibes, but this apartment already feels more like home than our last place ever did. We have been picking up little odds and ends to add decorative touches and fill in the gaps, since it is completely different from our old place. I can't wait to show you guys some photos! Right now I just have a few snapshots from Instagram... the office and front room are still in serious need of some organization and finishing touches. This past weekend we both finally had some time to tackle a few things together - we recently had a few people leave at work, so I've been working like crazy and haven't had as much time to focus on the apartment as I'd like to. I am eager for my schedule to be back to normal so that we can put up some wall art and find a place for everything! At least we've been making use of the balcony and doing a ton of people watching ;) Also, my brother is bringing us a couch this weekend - we can't wait!

Yoga teacher training:

I had my second weekend of teacher training and it was just as amazing as the first weekend was, if not more so, since nerves were out of the equation now that we are all more familiar with each other. With everything else going on in my life this month, it was great to have a calm space to reflect and connect with others. That's really what I've been getting out of training so far - a lot of reflection and a deep connection with people I probably wouldn't have gotten to know were it not for this shared experience. I'm not exactly sure what I was initially expecting out of the training, but what I'm getting from it far exceeds anything I imagined. I still can't talk about it without feeling cryptic, because I simply can't put it all into words yet.

And that's about it! I can't wait to get back into a regular posting schedule... I have missed this space! There are over a hundred blog posts to catch up on in my feed reader, but those are for another day. Today may or may not be a big day for me, and let's just leave it at that for now ;)

(P.S. To those of you who read the title of this post in Jack Black's voice, I commend you.)