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Favorite things lately:
  • Breakfast. Well, that has always been a favorite thing, but summertime means fresh berries, and those make breakfast extra special. So do raisin danishes and good coffee. I've also been making myself breakfast burritos, since our go-to breakfast joint has been closed all month for renovations. Mmmm!
  • Old Lloyd is back! It's like he was never sick! I've been catching him in the most ridiculous poses again and it makes me so happy. Plus, he and Sylvester have been getting along so well since we moved, now that they have something to bond over.
  • The sunlight in this apartment. The walls in this apartment. The floors in this apartment. The balcony in this apartment. All the rugs and decorations that look amazing in this apartment. Okay, I really love this apartment.
  • Having Wednesdays off again! There's a pop-up farmer's market that I used to go to every Wednesday, but I hadn't been in over two years because I had been working on Wednesdays. Now that I took over the Thursday bakes, I have Wednesdays off again! You can expect more farmer's market posts this summer!
  • Hanging out with Rhea and Aesop and their mama the day of Lloyd's surgery. His vet clinic was about an hour away from home, and I didn't feel like making four trips in one day, so I hung out with my colleague's wife and their Bergamascos. It was a really great way to take my mind off of Lloyd for a few hours, and we had a lot of fun!
  • That dress! It's old old Anthro and I've had my eye on it ever since seeing it on Poshmark. It's 100% silk and I snagged it at my local consignment shop this morning for $15!!!!!!!