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Fun Finds Friday #127

  • Diggin' the 70s vibe of this skirt, though I'll admit, I went for a cheaper option.
  • I love our new duvet cover, but this one is really pretty too!
  • I must be embracing my girly-side more as I get older, because this skirt gives me heart eyes.
  • This pillow would fit our living room colors SO WELL!

  • Shawn and I were talking about making beer-scented candles, and a few days later I stumbled upon these.
  • I love this list; my parents had a Briard when I was younger!
  • Anyone want to rent a mansion with me? Because I sure as hell don't have 30+ close friends.
  • Part of my yoga teacher training is developing a daily meditation (SO hard!); these tips are really helpful if you're interested in starting too!
  • Why oh why didn't I buy the rhubarb at the farmer's market this week?!?!
  • Serious patio envy.