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Cats Cats Cats

It has been a while since I've done a cat post that wasn't harboring on Lloyd's recovery (which, he's 100% better, by the way!), so here are some photos of the boys enjoying the new apartment. They spend most of their time in the living room - Sylvester loves the couch and stretches out to take up half of it, and Lloyd loves the rug in there. (I actually think he misses the carpet from our old spot...) And when we can't find Lloyd, looking for him underneath the steel cart in the kitchen is usually a safe bet.

They also love hanging out in the windowsills, and meowing at us from inside when we're out on the balcony. We have let them out there a handful of times under our supervision, but as soon as they make a move to go towards the edges we plop them right back inside. Those are photos for another post though!