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Cats Cats Cats

It has been a while since I've done a cat post that wasn't harboring on Lloyd's recovery (which, he's 100% better, by the way!), so here are some photos of the boys enjoying the new apartment. They spend most of their time in the living room - Sylvester loves the couch and stretches out to take up half of it, and Lloyd loves the rug in there. (I actually think he misses the carpet from our old spot...) And when we can't find Lloyd, looking for him underneath the steel cart in the kitchen is usually a safe bet.

They also love hanging out in the windowsills, and meowing at us from inside when we're out on the balcony. We have let them out there a handful of times under our supervision, but as soon as they make a move to go towards the edges we plop them right back inside. Those are photos for another post though!

Fun Finds Friday #127

Diggin' the 70s vibe of this skirt, though I'll admit, I went for a cheaper option.I love our new duvet cover, but this one is really pretty too!I must be embracing my girly-side more as I get older, because this skirt gives me heart eyes.This pillow would fit our living room colors SO WELL!
Shawn and I were talking about making beer-scented candles, and a few days later I stumbled upon these.I love this list; my parents had a Briard when I was younger!Anyone want to rent a mansion with me? Because I sure as hell don't have 30+ close friends.Part of my yoga teacher training is developing a daily meditation (SO hard!); these tips are really helpful if you're interested in starting too!Why oh why didn't I buy the rhubarb at the farmer's market this week?!?!Serious patio envy.


Favorite things lately:
Breakfast. Well, that has always been a favorite thing, but summertime means fresh berries, and those make breakfast extra special. So do raisin danishes and good coffee. I've also been making myself breakfast burritos, since our go-to breakfast joint has been closed all month for renovations. Mmmm!Old Lloyd is back! It's like he was never sick! I've been catching him in the most ridiculous poses again and it makes me so happy. Plus, he and Sylvester have been getting along so well since we moved, now that they have something to bond over.The sunlight in this apartment. The walls in this apartment. The floors in this apartment. The balcony in this apartment. All the rugs and decorations that look amazing in this apartment. Okay, I really love this apartment.Having Wednesdays off again! There's a pop-up farmer's market that I used to go to every Wednesday, but I hadn't been in over two years because I had been working on Wednesdays. Now th…

This is just an update...

Shawn hooked up our internet on Sunday, and I finally have a day off to be able to post, so I figured it was high time to update you guys on what June has brought us so far.

Lloyd:In case you missed the previous post, Lloyd needed emergency dental surgery earlier this month, and we needed help financing it. I reached out to Kaylah to help us get the word out, because Lloyd was close to her readers' hearts before he became a member of our family, and the donations came pouring in. Thank you all so so much! We really can't express how sincerely grateful we are for your help. When I told my dad that I wasn't sure how best to say "thank you" to everyone, he said the best way is to just take care of Lloyd and ensure he's back to his silly happy ol' self... so that's what we're doing :) But seriously, thank you.

Lloyd had his surgery last Wednesday, and although the surgeon recommended that all of his teeth be extracted, they were only able to remove 18 …

Lloyd needs your help!

This is a hard post for me to write... in the literal sense because I'm using my phone, since our internet won't be hooked up until monday, and in the emotional sense because of the content.

On Wednesday I had to take Lloyd to the vet. After a few weeks of finicky eating and a few odd episodes in relation to food, he hadn't eaten in just over 24 hours, so Shawn and I realized it was time to get him checked out. The vet found his back molars and throat to be severely infected by gingivitis. This happened about a year and a half ago too, but the infection was much less severe then and we were able to treat it and got him back to healthy in no time. This time, the vet gave us some medicine for the pain, and medicine to treat the infection, but she also told us that in order to clear up the problem and hopefully keep it from reoccurring, Lloyd needs dental surgery to remove his molars. We pretty much expected as such, but we did not anticipate the cost of the surgery... she q…

Sedgley Woods

Shawn and I very rarely get days off together, so two weeks ago when a Tuesday finally popped up that we both had off, we knew exactly what we wanted to do. Despite the threat of high temperatures later in the afternoon, we laced up our sneakers, threw on some hats, packed up some snacks, and headed to the nearest disc golf course: Sedgley Woods in Fairmount Park.

Disc golf is, essentially, golf in the woods with frisbees. Once you've made the initial purchase of a few discs (I say a few because you will lose them. The forest eats them up! I lost mine this game :( but that's what I get for having a green disc!), the activity itself is free. Our friends Dave and Briggette introduced us to disc golf about a year ago; we played a few games with them and got hooked. There are courses everywhere, but Sedgley Woods happens to be very close to us and it's one of the larger courses in the area. We are, by absolutely no means, anything more than novices. But a huge part of the joy …