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Inspiration: Plants & Balcony

Soooooo.... we have big news!!! (No, it's not a baby, so don't even go there!) ...We are moving into a new apartment!

On second thought, I guess the news isn't that big, but it's exciting nonetheless! We've been at our current spot for almost two years now, but we've been feeling uninspired by it and knew we wanted to change things up this year when our lease ends. So I set up a few appointments, and we fell in love with the first place we looked at! You guys... it's beautiful! It is (almost) everything we've been wanting in an apartment. Hardwood floors, a balcony, newly redone kitchen and bathroom, and lots of sunlight! The only reason I say almost is because it doesn't have a washer/dryer in the unit, but with everything else it has going for it, we agreed to overlook that one little detail. (Plus, there's laundry in the building, so we can't complain!)

I wish I could show you photos of the apartment, but we won't be moving in until June 1st... so you'll have to wait! We can't contain our excitement though, and have both been fantasizing about how to decorate our new space. There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room... we don't know what to do with all the extra space! One of the main rooms leads to a balcony and gets lots of sunlight, so we're thinking we may just fill it with plants and pillows to make it a cozy and serene area. I've been thinking a lot about that today and looking at a ton of plant-filled room inspiration, so I thought I'd start a new series on the blog where I post some images that are going to inspire some of our design choices in the next apartment. First up, plants and balcony!

This is a good representation of what we're working with - big windows, used furniture, and plants! (source)

I love the rustic vibe, and crates like this are readily available to me at work. (source)

This is bohemian plant heaven! And pretty much exactly what I'm envisioning. (source)

Seems like the perfect spot to settle in with a book and a mug of tea! (source)

I love the idea of a vertical garden! Add some vines into the mix and we're golden. (source)

One of the more exciting factors for me is that we can have an herb garden now!!! (source)

Rustic and cozy. Shawn mentioned wanting a picnic bench, and I mentioned wanting deck tiles... (source)

Are you a plant fanatic like we are? Do you have a balcony too? Got any advice for first-timers? (hahaha)
Lloyd and Sylvester are going to love the new spot! We plan on getting a screen door asap!