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Fun Finds Friday #125

  • Such a pretty scarf!
  • I want midcentury everything!
  • Been thinking about hair wraps lately... remember those?
  • I can't help but look at new furniture... love the versatility of this shelf.


  • There are some pretty nifty things on the internet.
  • Flattering women's chef pants?! Too bad I bought three new pairs of work pants before finding out about them :(
  • Ugh. Mondays.
  • I know I would not be able to accurately draw a bicycle on cue.
  • Woah. Check out these angles!
  • Photograph people gradually getting drunk? That's brilliant! (I wonder what mine would look like...)
  • What would you purchase with $100 towards groceries? Our list would look like Mick and Anthony's, plus beer and whiskey.

Happy Friday!!!