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Favorite things lately:
Cooking & baking ALL THE THINGS. Now if only I could get my recipe filing in order.... (Cats make this difficult, clearly.)Reorganizing our kitchen cabinets... kind-of. Either they're too small, or we have too many things to store, but we struggle to find adequate space for everything. Why do they put cabinets over the refrigerator, microwave, and corner counters? Who is actually able to reach any of these spaces?! I have to climb up onto the counter to reach the top shelves!Eating salads for lunch. Maybe in an attempt to be healthy, or maybe I'm just tired of eating the same two things at work all the time, but either way, I've finally found a salad combo I enjoy. Pickled vegetables are where it's at, yo!

Fun Finds Friday #122

I'm over the moon about this calendar!Does anyone else just want to stick a magnet on the back of these cat paper dolls?Maybe it's calendar overload this week, but these mousepad notepads are so convenient!I already have more pouches than I know what to do with...
A seriously heartwarming story.Definitely making this over the weekend!It's amazing what can be done in movies these days.YES PLEASE.So many beautiful & colorful home tours!
Happy Friday!!!!!

Sew Many Patterns

This is the year of DIY! Well, for me it is. At least that's what I decided back in January. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make more stuff, and every year I disappoint myself. At the end of last year I surprised myself and actually did complete a fair amount of sewing. I don't think I ever shared them here, but for Christmas I made my brother and sister some fun tote bags. I also sewed a few kimonos, though none that are "wearable" because I'm a perfectionist and I think the hemlines still need some work... (Any tips for sewing a curved hem? Mine are such a mess!) All of these projects were free-styled, by which I mean, I didn't use any patterns. But I know from the past that I quite like sewing with patterns, and I like the re-usability of a pattern. So I've been looking at a few lately and thinking about what sewing goals I want to set for myself this year.

Patterns: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
I definitely want to make some pajamas. I feel like I could g…

B.Read List Jan-March 2016

My reading game has been strong this year! That's not a difficult task (or a task at all, really) when the books are so good you can't help but settle into the couch with them, alongside a mug of warm tea in the morning. Which is exactly what I've been doing! Instead of messing around on my phone or the computer immediately after waking up, I've been making a conscious effort to sit down and read for a little while first. Lloyd usually settles into the couch next to me, and most days I look up at the clock and realize that an hour or two have flown by!

I borrowed two books from a friend of mine; one of which I couldn't get past the first 30 pages (Everything is Illuminated), the other of which I devoured in less than a week. You're probably all familiar with the film version of Catch Me If You Can... but you should really read the book. I seriously couldn't put it down! It's a memoir worth reading.

Some time last year I picked up Not That Kind Of Girl

Fun Finds Friday #121

I've never been a big fan of backpacks, but this one is so pretty!Such a simplistically awesome jewelry box!I want more colorful pillows in my life....I already have way too many notepads... but what's wrong with a few more?
I don't like cake, but I love pizza, so how about a pizza cake?!Guilty as charged....Can I have a watercolor set please? So beautiful!Love these.Tweets for married people.NEED to make churros. Immediately.
Happy Friday!!!!

Cat Overload

You guys! It has been over a month since my last cat post. Let's fix that!

We recently figured out that these guys have been suffering from a mild case of ear mites :( Thankfully, Shawn caught it early and has been treating them with OTC ear drops. We thought they would give us a difficult time about it, but their reception has been so positive! It always reminds me that cats are very much like babies... they can't verbally communicate what's wrong, but if you look hard enough you'll see the signs and they'll be so thankful for it. Now, if only we could figure out how they got ear mites in the first place....

Dresses (& Other Fashion Stuff)

1 | 2 | 3
Earlier this year, I mentioned my shopping goal (or lack there-of). I am very proud to say that I have been fairly successful so far! I've only been out physically shopping three times.... and I don't quite count the first time because it wasn't mindless shopping, I went with a specific goal in mind. I also went shopping with my sister a few weeks ago, but it wasn't so much for me as it was to help her find some new pieces. And today I went out to look for a sports bra, which I ended up finding, but I also came home with a poncho, and I was so tempted to come home with a dress.

I've been looking for a basic every-day kinda dress. Of course, I wouldn't actually wear the dress every day... but I think you know what I mean. Something that works with sneakers and a jacket to run errands, but also something that I could easily dress up with a nice necklace and flats. There are so many options out there! Today I tried on two of them. The Anthropologie dress…

Vegetable Lasagna

I'm not sure how food bloggers do it.... lasagna is a damn tasty food but it's near impossible to take an attractive photo of. But seeing as I made this two weeks ago, there's no more lasagna left to photograph, and I don't want to put off posting this recipe any longer, so these sub-par photos will have to do! The recipe is worth it though, so bear with me.

Savory cooking is still relatively new to me... I was always comfortable roasting vegetables and cooking pasta, but making sauces and more complete dishes is only something I've been doing for the past year or so. Needless to say, this was my first time ever making lasagna. It's just one of those dishes I had never thought to make before, but it's actually quite simple!

I grew up eating Costco lasagnas - the giant 9x13" frozen ones that could easily feed a large family. We didn't have them very often, so it was always exciting to come home and see it out on the counter, waiting to go into the …


I haven't been taking many photos lately... just a lot of photos of the cats, but that's nothing new. We keep being teased with warm spring weather for a day or two and then the temperatures drop right back down to freezing. This constant shift has been taking a toll on my sinuses, and I can't seem to get rid of this congestion that has been plaqueing me for weeks now. Hopefully the temperatures will stay up in the more pleasant range soon and I can start enjoying being outside again!

Favorite things lately...
Silly cat faces!I've been making so much tasty food lately! Some tried and true, and some new. That has been one benefit of being cooped up inside this year... more motivation to make food at home. I will be posting more recipes here - I promise!I got to see both of my siblings in the past two weeks and that makes me happy :) We don't see each other very often, so there's always a lot to catch up on. They both seem pretty happy though!Two weekends ago I me…