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Latest happenings....
  • I managed to lock myself out of the apartment this week when I went downstairs to do laundry. Thank goodness Shawn only works a half mile from home! I sprinted over there to grab his keys, coat, and hat... (thankfully I had a sweatshirt and flats on!) I may have caught a cold because of my silliness though... it was only 14°F that day! At least the laundry was dry when I got home.
  • Shawn sleeps in most mornings but I pretty much wake up at 7am on the dot. Since we don't feed the cats until 9:30am, that pretty much means 2.5 hours of constant fluff in my face. They love to knock things off of my desk and chew on all the paper.
  • Their pain-in-the-butt-iness is more than balanced out by how cute they are though. Kaylah sent Lloyd a little catnip filled beaver for his first Christmas with us (almost 3 years ago!!) and it is still the most loved toy in their arsenal. Every morning we wake up to it laying outside our bedroom door.... I'm fairly certain that's Sylvester's doing.
  • Like a lot of kids, I grew up with an immense love of Nutella... I could eat that stuff every day and never tire of it. I recently re-discovered two jars I had forgot about in our cabinet and was incredibly underwhelmed. It just doesn't taste like it used to! Has anyone else found this? I'm curious to buy some imported Nutella and see how it compares to this domestic crap. (Yeah, I said it.) It could be worth the higher price tag.
  • We went to the record store and although Shawn didn't find anything he was looking for, I made out with three records for about $5! Interestingly enough, that was one day before Maurice White died, so I consider that Best of Earth Wind & Fire record a great find.