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Favorite things lately:
  • I got a big pack of succulent notecards to send out with my Poshmark purchases, but they're so pretty that I think I'm going to hold on to most of them and tape them to the wall. Our office needs some love.... I have a few extra days off next week and intend to tend to it.
  • Sad cookie. (See above.)
  • Ghost Lloyd. (See above.)
  • We finally got snow! And lots of it! Even better than that though? Our town has done an amazing job of post-snow-clean-up. That makes me happy too! Apparently certain places in the city didn't fare as well, but I suppose that's one benefit of living in the suburbs....
  • We also got a new shower curtain, because ours was getting old and.... well, gross. The new one is simple but fun, and I love the amount of light it lets into the bathroom!
  • I finally got to see my hair dresser after 6+ months of waiting! (She had a baby in October and only recently went back to work.) She curled my hair for me because I don't know how to do it myself. I want it to look like that all the time!
  • I've been doing the bread baking at work the past few Fridays, and I'm really diggin' it. It's even more satisfying than pulling cookies out of the oven! I bake 40 loaves on Fridays! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the Friday bakes for the foreseeable future.