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Although I'm not doing a 365 Project this year, I still want to post photos I'll be taking throughout the year that aren't related to anything in particular. I'll be posting these under the title of "Snapshots", since that's what they are.

Favorite things lately:
  • I've been making a big batch of steel cut oats every week and having a cup for breakfast in the mornings with bananas, almond butter, local honey, almond milk, and chocolate chips. It is sooooo good! I never thought I'd like oatmeal so much!
  • Still on the topic of food, my friend turned me on to a local sushi place and I've been going there about once a week. I love sushi so much! And they always give you extra miso soup, so no complaints here.
  • We got rid of our Christmas tree on new years day; normally we like to keep it up as long as possible, but it was starting to droop and was losing all of its needles. Our living room feels huge now!