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Fun Finds Friday #134

Wearing Vans makes me feel like a kid again... even more so if they're Toy Story themed!I'm not usually a fan of white tees... but come on...Am I totally crazy for wanting a napsack?! They're so ridiculously neat!I really really want a monmon cat tattoo.
Recently watched this TED talk... very much in line with the mentality Shawn and I have been attempting to cultivate for the past two years.There's no point in sugarcoating it; you are the only one standing in your way.This year my word was mindfulness. What will 2017's be?Ever wonder what happened to Steve from Blue's Clues?"I'm taking a social media break."
Happy Friday! Happy new year! See ya in 2017!

Secret Santa

I will admit, I'm not the most well-versed person on social media... I check Facebook only a handful of times per week, Instagram about once a day, and I legitimately forget that I have a Twitter account for months at a time. I only use Snapchat with family and close friends, and as far as Pinterest goes, I stopped using it for anything other than storage years ago... but that's about all the "socializing" I do when it comes to the internet.

That being said, despite not fully immersing myself, I've been lucky to meet some pretty awesome people on some of those platforms! About two years ago I posted on Instagram about taking Christmas cookie orders if anyone was interested... Erin, who had been following me for a while, was the only person who took me up on it. Since she lives in Philly, I told her I'd deliver them in person instead of mailing them. When we met up, we immediately hit it off! Since then, we've hung out a few more times, specifically at the…


I've been M.I.A. for a little bit here, but no apologies! December always seems to be a busy month for everyone, myself included. Work has been heavier on orders these past few weeks, so I've been more exhausted than usual. Definitely looking forward to a three day weekend and a very relaxing Christmas. We're not going anywhere this year - the plan is to make brunch at home and watch a bunch of Christmas movies on Sunday! Here's a peek at the past few weeks.

Favorite things lately....
Pizza. Always pizza. We have a friend who has perfected making his at home, and they had us over for dinner a few weeks ago. I brought dessert (apple crisps), of course! And instead of going out for dinner, Shawn and I tried our hand at making homemade pizza to celebrate our third anniversary last week. It was really tasty, but I still have some work to do on that crust. Hm... looks like I'm just going to have to keep making pizzas until I get it right!I recently got the new iPhone 7s..…

Fun Finds Friday #133

Our living room would flourish with the addition of this chair!Crushing on this poncho.Forget the shower curtain; I just wanna hug that cat!It's December! This is the feeling lately.
Can't wait to use this on this year's holiday cards!What do you think about this more accurate world map?Mood boards that win.It's almost the new year... is it time for a life audit?A similar thing happened to a friend of mine recently... ask yourself is this a good time?I love this! Who doesn't love getting gifts in the mail?!
Happy Friday!!

Thanksgiving Salad

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! We spent it with Shawn's mom, his brother, wife, and their 3-month old baby. It was our first time meeting our nephew- what a curious little dude! He was all smiles and laughter. I'm pretty sure I've stated it here before, I'm not usually a fan of babies... but he captured my heart a little bit - maybe because he's family! I can't wait until he gets a little older though... right now he weighs as much as our cats do. (Okay, I realize we have chubby cats, but still!)

I meant to get this recipe posted before Thanksgiving, but that clearly didn't happen. Oh well, if you still have leftovers in your fridge, give this a try. If you ate them all already, give this a try anyway! It's inspired by a salad I had from Trader Joe's. Their version left a little something to be desired though, so I made my own. I'm a fan of hearty salads - if I'm going to eat a salad, it needs to be filled with all the things...…

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

As a baker, the question I get asked most often is, "What's your favorite thing to bake?". Well, the answer is quite simple, really... my favorite thing to bake is my favorite thing to eat! I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to sweet treats, mostly because I'm really not that into sweet treats. (Yep, I said it.) Don't get me wrong, I like a good breakfast pastry every now and then, but when it comes to desserts and snacky things? I'm satisfied with a handful of fruit, or a few pieces of a chocolate bar. But, I also love a good cookie... they're simple, and quick to make, and I don't feel toooooo bad eating a handful of them. So a simple batter, with some pieces of chocolate scattered throughout - that's my favorite thing to bake!

While I was working on the new blog layout, I realized that my recipe for chocolate chip cookies is kind of outdated! I've tweaked it a bit since that was posted, and since it's a weekly staple in our ho…

This just in!

If you're reading from a blog reader, you should really hop on over and check out the blog. I've been working on a new layout for a while, and it just went live! I'm pretty freakin' proud of this one. I kept trying to keep this space minimalist, because that's what I'm attracted to when I look at other blogs... but I finally came to the realization that that's just not me. I'm quirky and colorful, and I finally made a layout that reflects that. (Well, replace colorful with textured, and we're golden.) Also, my love of stationary and assorted paper goods prevails with this one, and I think that's pretty rad. I love all the layers, and I really hope you do too! And I finally figured out this whole google fonts business too so, woohoo!

Not tooooo much has changed aside from the overall aesthetic. Social media links are both up at the top menu and in the sidebar. Popular (or what I deem to be popular) categories are the clickable polaroids in the si…

Fun Finds Friday #132

I've been coveting comfy pajamas and slippers this week, so let's take a look at a few:
My kind of pajamas. All I want is something soft, loose, and comfy!These slippers look so cozy- our hardwood floors make my feet so cold!I can totally see myself lounging around the apartment in this.I love this set too!
Our world is host to some pretty amazing systems.There's a difference between east coast and west coast butter?!I wish I had a need for this awesome doorstop!Bunch of smart asses.Cats are still/will always be the best thing on the internet.


Hm, cats and food... food and cats. Those are pretty much the only things I've been taking photos of for the past month and a half. So, sorry if these photos seem repetitive. Actually, I'm not sorry. What? They're just so gosh darn cute!My family all pitched in and gifted me a brand new mixer for my birthday! So YES, OMG YES, to making cookies again. I mean... I could make cookies without a mixer, and just mix it all by hand, but who on Earth wants to do that?! So thankfully, there will be more lazy cookies and bread in my future.I fell in love with a jumpsuit. Not on me (never on me- these damn hips just get in the way)... but do you see that ridiculous pattern? Does it make you want to get up and dance? Does it remind you of all the terrible clothing from the late 80's/early 90's? I think it's amazing. And I plan on turning it into pants and a crop top. And I really can't promise I won't wear them both at the same time...A friend of mine hos…

So this is 29....

I am officially 29 years old as of today Saturday! (I meant to get this post up over the weekend... oops!) I've been alive for almost three whole decades... isn't that a scary thought? I'm 29 years old... and 29 years young, and I feel both every day. Do you ever stop feeling like a child? I mean, will any of us ever really feel grown up? Because some days I feel like I'm a teenager all over again. And I think as long as we have our parents around, we'll always feel like kids. Like we don't know enough (or we know way too much), and we still need help with things that seem silly. I think that is growing up, but I don't really know what being a grown up means. If it means paying bills on time, and budgeting, and planning for the future, then yeah, I guess I'm not too bad at being a grown up. But those things also still scare me, and I don't know if that feeling ever goes away. But, here's to 29 - the last year of my third decade!

I don't usu…

Fun Finds Friday #131

I want to make one of these for Lloyd so bad!OMG THIS COAT.Two of my favorite things.Would love this console for our records and player.
An incredibly neat & involved project.This is the cutest thing I've seen all week!I love this dress! But apparently my boobs wouldn't fit in there...Bought myself a new mug, and it makes me smile.Hair helmets! (And then some.)I wish my textbooks had been this interesting.
Happy Friday!!!!

Rainbow Lloyd

I recently bought some window film for the door in our kitchen, purely for the sake of a little extra privacy. I didn't realize it would create some pretty amazing rainbows throughout our kitchen and living room too! Here's a little bit of rainbow Lloyd for you on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

Fun Finds Friday #130

Such a pretty necklace! It would match my wardrobe perfectly.I have been coveting this bag ever since I saw it in person.Oh my goodness. So freaking cute!Love this rug too!
The truth behind perfect instagram photos.Mind blown.I would like to make art like this.More pin love.Rare historic photos.I've been practicing my envelope calligraphy.
Happy Friday!!!!!

Brain Blabber

In light of my recent determination to be more "myself" here, I thought I'd try a stream of consciousness post. I'm hoping to make a series of these, maybe once a month (but don't hold me to that - please, I'm serious, don't.) and I'm calling it brain blabber... because that's pretty much what you're about to get. A whole lotta jumbled thoughts on one page. Are you ready?

Right now there's a whole chicken (yes, a whole f*cking five pound(!) chicken) poaching on my stove. I have never poached a whole chicken before. You know why? Because I don't have a pot big enough to do that in... of course I realized this too late, and I'm just going with it. The water jussssssst barely covers the chicken, and may will probably boil over, but whatever. I'm making chicken soup, and if you wanna make a proper chicken soup, you have to poach the chicken. I don't really know how long that takes though... it's 5:30pm now, so hopefully it …

Fun Finds Friday #129

I've tried my hand at making kimonos, but this one gives me all kinds of new ideas!We have a map theme going on in our living room, and we've been looking for a map of NJ to add to our decor...This pillow would fit right in too!Been thinking about these pants a lot lately. They look so comfortable! I don't own any linen pieces.
Not sure if I've posted this already, but practice mindfulness.Shawn really wants to go to Japan. I can see why...I love this commercial!Yes! Amsterdam is getting people to put down their phones!OMG. YES PLEASE.This is our dream.I really enjoy traveling alone. I should tell you about it some time.
Happy Friday!!!!

Pin Round-Up

It's finally autumn - my favorite season! That time of year when you can wear sweaters, scarves, boots, and jackets! (Well, if you live in the northeast...) Speaking of jackets, I bought myself a denim one months ago, back when the weather was waaaaay too warm to wear it. I never thought I'd be a denim jacket wearer, but it got sent to me in one of my trunks, and I fell in love. Shawn thinks it's super ridiculous 90's. I love that it instantly makes anything you wear with it casual, so I fully intend to wear it over all my dresses! I've also been looking at pins and patches like crazy since I got it. I haven't bought any yet, but I thought it would be fun to do a little round-up of my favorites. So, here ya go!

the future is naps | ugh | check out my whiskers | don't be a prick | green dinosaur | pizza cat | t-rex | mystical cat | yoga bunny | chicago dog | pastel planet | fox | squirrel | cat lady | moon phase | IPA

Are you currently re-living the 90's…


Lately...I booked a flight to New Orleans for a long weekend in December! My friend Jess moved down there a few months ago, and I snagged a cheap flight as soon as I found one. I've never been there before; I can't wait to explore!The new job is getting more and more comfortable. I'm still working at (what feels like) a slow pace, but everyone seems pleased, myself included. I'm so happy I made the switch!I rode seven miles on my bike the other day! It may not seem like much, but I can't honestly remember the last time I did anything other than ride around the neighborhood on any bike I've ever owned. A friend and I rode to get pizza and beer a few towns over - definitely have to do that more often. Side note: I know I'm "in shape" because of my yoga practice, but five minutes on my bike gets me super out of breath every time. I definitely need to start riding on a regular basis so that my muscles can get used to it.I bought myself a small sketch …