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Project 365, 342-348

342/365: That cat tower was the best dumpster find ever! I love catching both of them in there at the same time.

343/365: Lloyd was "helping" put up some new ornaments.

344/365: Practice makes progress. See also, unrelated, homemade roast pork sandwiches.

345/365: My colleagues are... interesting people. This is on the back of the door to the basement.

346/365: Tree lights!!! Shot with the new camera that Shawn bought us for Christmas!


348/365: Lloyd also doubles as a pillow in his spare time.

Favorite things this week:
  • Getting the (one) parking permit for our building: Our town is weird... they only offer one street parking permit per building, regardless of how many apartment units are in each building. It's first-come-first-serve, so one lucky person got it last year for our 18-unit building, at the price of $20 for the whole year. If you miss out on the street parking permit, you can only get permits for the municipal lots around town, and those cost $35 per month!!! Parking permit renewal starts in December, so you better believe I was the first person in line this year! And I got it! Now I don't have to worry about parking my car for a whoooooole year.
  • Homemade pulled pork, because seriously, there isn't much better than that. I've been trying to keep track of all the different ways we use it so that hopefully I can make a fun post about it soon.
  • Adulting Ornament shopping: My girlfriend Briggette and I spent the better part of an afternoon shopping for ornaments for her huuuuuge tree in the house she and her fiance recently bought. We went to Michaels and two different Targets. Then we had lunch at a local pub, and then we went grocery shopping. It felt like a very adult way to spend an afternoon. At one point, she was trying on coats at Target and I asked "Are you sure you don't want the larger size? Will you be able to wear a thick sweater under that one? You're only wearing a thin shirt right now....Ahh! I sound like a mom!! What is happening?!" (Mom, you taught me well.)