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Snapshots of Segovia

On my last full day in Spain, my parents gave me the option of visiting the nearby historic city of Toledo, or Segovia. I chose Segovia for no real reason other than the fact that they both seemed ever so slightly more enthusiastic about it. What a beautiful city! It's less than an hour drive from where my parents live, but it felt like we were in a whole different country. I've never much appreciated the historical towns in America because the history only goes back so far... but to stand underneath a Roman aqueduct and to climb the tower of a castle that was built over 900 years ago is an entirely different experience.

The queen's castle in Disney's Snow White was apparently inspired by the Alcazar of Segovia! That explains why the castle felt so fairy-tale-esque to me. Looking at it from afar it just didn't seem real... it looked like something straight out of a storybook. The climb up the tower was incredibly narrow and I wouldn't recommend it if you're claustrophobic, but the view at the top is rewarding.

Another thing that captured my attention was the architecture all over the city. Check out the details of the walls/doors/windows! There were so many interesting attributes everywhere; I couldn't properly capture them all. After taking a tour of the castle and the cathedral, we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, ducking into alley ways and taking it all in. We ate lunch outdoors at a restaurant with questionable service but delicious food. (That seemed to be a trend in Spain - the service was sometimes disappointing, but the never the meals!)

Segovia was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! I can't wait to go back and see even more of the country. A visit to Toledo is now in order, for comparison's sake. Hm, perhaps I should start planning a trip for next year....