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Project 365, 314-320

314/365: I love kitty whiskers!

315/365: This guy just looked so comfortable.

316/365: My mom, sister, brother, and I spent the day at the Woodbury Outlets in New York state. I bought myself a new snowboarding jacket and a fleece. I'm proud of myself for sticking to my resolutions and not buying more!

317/365: We're really diggin' making pizza at home. We don't order pizza out nearly as much as we used to!

318/365: All my boys!! The cats just look so happy, don't they? ;)

319/365: I made my healthy bolognese recipe, with spaghetti squash instead of pasta - that's probably about as healthy as bolognese gets. (And it was still delicious!!)

320/365: My parents were in the states for a few days, so they came by check out the place where I work. They also dropped off our Christmas gifts, since they won't be visiting again before the year is up. Such torture! We could open them now..... but we're going to stick it out until Christmas. At least we'll have some gifts to put underneath the tree when we finally get one!

My motivation to take a photo each day has been waning for a while now. There are only seven (!!!!!!) weeks left of the year though, so I'm going to stick it out. The shorter daylight hours haven't done much to help. I don't think I'll be continuing this project into next year... I have some other ideas instead. In the mean time, bear with me. The photos haven't been great.... but I become a homebody once the cold weather sets in, so I'm trying my hardest to avoid showing you only photos of blankets, tea, and cats. Though I don't think anyone here would mind more cat photos!