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Project 365, 307-313

307/365: Mail day! A postcard from my pen pal, and a box full of surprises. On a different note, I woke up that morning to a lovely gift from one of the cats. Spoiler alert: it was a mouse! I felt two things about this: proud and amazed that our indoor goons are capable hunters, and disgusted at the fact that there are mice running around our apartment complex, where we live on the second floor. Ew.

307/365: My hairdresser just had a baby and is taking a break until January, so I have to deal with my hair myself until then. The faded pink/blonde thing I had going on wasn't looking so hot, and this colder weather had me craving something darker... so I went purple! It was a little much at first, but now I'm kinda diggin' it. I am in serious need of a trim though...

307/365: Always the silliest little dude.

307/365: They love helping me package things. Also, I re-discovered my craft drawer and found a bunch of ribbons and tags that I had forgotten about - pretty packages!

307/365: This is the only shot I could muster up after an almost 10-hour workday. Shadow play.

307/365: Shawn likes to draw/write on the kitchen window with dry erase markers. He also likes to watch the news in the morning... my thoughts on the news: "Shit is gonna happen, stuff is gonna suck." I'm much happier being oblivious to the homicides, automobile accidents, deceptions and theft in the world.

307/365: Sitting at the bar after work, I met a couple who reminded me of what Shawn and I may be like in 20 years. We were chatting away about things and I learned that they converted a Mercedes Sprinter van into a self-sufficient camper van. I gave them a ride home and got to take a tour! I have long admired camper vans online but this was my first time seeing one in person. So cool!