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Project 365, 286-292

I've been struggling to get back into a regular blog schedule since getting back from Spain... I'm not sure why exactly, except that I'm trying to spend my time away from work not on the computer. My head isn't quite back in blog-mode, so last weeks 365 photos are mostly of the cats. Hey, at least they're cute!

286/365: Lloyd is the instigator when it comes to play time. Sylvester is always minding his own business and then Lloyd appears out of nowhere and swats at him, then runs off expecting Sylvester to chase him. Sylvester rarely picks up on this though and ends up sitting there, annoyed at Lloyd for bugging him.

287/365: I felt the need to document a very basic outfit. I haven't worn jeans for years, mostly because I couldn't find any that felt right. Then I discovered Madewell earlier this year and I jumped back on the jeans-wagon. This outfit felt very much like high-school Marine. Jeans, a t-shirt, and converse. And you know what? I'm ok with that. Also, Lloyd photobombed me.

288/365: Shawn was skeptical when I said I was making asian meatball lettuce wraps for dinner, but we both found them incredibly satisfying! Definitely a recipe that I will be making again soon.

289/365: Shadow play. I wish I could have gotten a better photo, but that would have blocked out the light causing the shadow.

290/365: I love packing things up for my Poshmark store! I have a drawer full of notecards, tissue paper, and tags. How do I make this my full time job?! (...I'm only partially kidding.)

291/365: Morning cat love. I hesitated to post this because it's not a flattering photo of me... but it doesn't matter! I don't think anyone is going to be as critical of it as I am. And, I mean, cat cuddles, tea, and morning light.

292/365: I love when I catch these two spending time together!

I promise I'll post Spain photos soon! I already picked out which ones I want to post, so all I have left is to re-size and upload them. So, you know, that takes some time... don't expect to see any this week! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm not going to spend it editing photos :)