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Project 365, 272-285

Well hello there! Long time no see. It's a little difficult to get back into the blogging swing of things after taking two weeks off, but I'm going to attempt a post anyway. There is so much to share about my travels! Mostly the 300+ photos I took. I don't even know what to say about any of it, so for now I'll leave you with two weeks worth of project 365 photos. I'm saving the good photos for another post (...or 3)!

272/365: We have an empty bookcase in our office that Lloyd has been thoroughly enjoying.

273/365: This cat loves tennis balls.

274/365: A pretty accurate representation of every single night. (I missed this while I was away!)

275/365: Pizza! In Madrid! That means chorizo instead of pepperoni, you know. Also, let it be known that fresh pizza is a fantastic dinner after spending 7 hours in a plane. And the banana cream pie at this place was awesome.

276/365: SandwiChez. I don't know why the name of this place we drove past cracked me up.

277/365: In Spain, there is no such thing as bad wine or terrible restaurants. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration... but we had a great meal everywhere we went, even at the places that didn't look like much. And you could ask for an unspecified "glass of white wine" everywhere without being disappointed. Also, did you know that Spain is a big gin country? I had no idea! I set my beer tastebuds aside for a week and indulged in some wine and gin for a change.

278/365: I brought home some sea glass from a beach in Barcelona!

279/365: The photo is disappointing, but the brownies were not.

280/365: I'm not sure if this was just after sunrise, or right before a storm... either way, welcome to the view from my parents' house. You can see Madrid in the distance... sorta.

281/365: Donnie Darko much? Ok, maybe not that creepy. Sidenote: my hair looked amazing while I was over there!

282/365: Worried that my parents had forgotten about my baking skills, ;) I made a pear frangipane chocolate tart. And now, I want more.

283/365: The woman my parents are renting from owns a restaurant, which had some doodle-covered placemats. This one reminded me of Shawn and I.

284/365: Oh, just an ancient aqueduct in the middle of a Spanish city. And those clouds!!!

285/365: Flying across timezones is very strange. On this day, I left Madrid at 1pm, spent just over 8 hours in a plane, and arrived in Philadelphia at 3:15pm on the same day. Then I spent two hours in transit from the airport to home. So forgive me if this photo isn't much, but by Sunday night, I was just happy to be home.