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Fun Finds Friday #109

I can't paint my nails but holy moly is this cute or what?!

Last year I bought this coat in green... why wasn't the merlot around last year?!

Fall. Plaid. Want.
+ This would be my list too, Joy!
+ I can only aspire to one day have a garden as awesome as this one.
+ Who else wants to vacation here? Raise your hand!
+ Really?? I mean, really??!!
+ My 10-year reunion is next month and this is kinda how I've been feeling this year.
+ As if I needed an excuse to eat more french fries....
+ A world without smartphones.
+ It's not too late to decorate some pumpkins!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Browned Butter Espresso Brownies

I was going to post something today reflecting about having turned 28 a week ago, but I just don't have much to say about it. One year older, one year wiser, just like last year... I have bigger expectations for the year ahead, and I see a few changes ready to be made, but it's nothing I can quite put into words yet.

So, in lieu of a reflections post, I'm making brownies today and sharing the recipe here. This is just a re-post from an abandoned food blog collaboration amongst friends. I figured I may as well move some of the better recipes over to this space - enjoy!

This is my favorite brownie recipe ever. For me, the perfect brownie should be super indulgent. None of that dry cakey-ness that passes for brownies at the super market. The perfect brownie should have an ever so slightly crunchy 'skin' on the exterior that leads way to chewy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness inside. It's ok if there are chocolate chips in there, but the base of the brownie sh…

Snapshots of Barcelona

Barcelona reminded me a lot of Venice. Perhaps it's the proximity to the ocean, but the feel of the city emanated Italy more than it did the rest of Spain. We spent a weekend there, arriving on Friday night and leaving Sunday evening; I booked us a neat airbnb that we didn't end up spending much time at, other than to sleep. Most of our time was spent exploring the city by foot (though our few rides on the metro left me impressed - it's so clean, compared to the ones in the US!).

My mom had gotten tickets for us to visit the Familia de Segrada and Casa Batllo; if you can't see both and have to choose, I would check out Casa Batllo. The Familia de Segrada was also impressive, but I found I appreciated it more afterwards, when looking through the photos I had snapped and marveling in the architecture. It is still under construction, and both places were overrun by tourists, which is unavoidable but makes it difficult to fully appreciate the whole experience. Casa Batllo…

Project 365, 293-299

293/365: Trader Joe's makes a par-baked ciabatta pizza crust that is delicious. We buy them two at a time and store them in the freezer until we're feeling pizza-y (which, honestly, when are we not feeling pizza-y?) Last week Shawn made pulled pork and we had it on everything, including pizza.

293/365: Cloud patterns make me smile.

293/365: Croissants + crafts (+ nutella) = :-D

293/365: Thursday was my birthday and I worked until 8pm then came home, made tandoori chicken and donuts from scratch, and then fell asleep. It was the most uneventful birthday ever. And my donuts could have been better.

293/365: I'm trying to get into doing yoga at home, but it's difficult to make the space for it (both physically and mentally). So I downloaded a daily yoga app for sequence ideas and wrote them down, because I do so much better when things are on paper.

293/365: This may be my favorite photo of Sly so far!

293/365: Came home Sunday night to this. Lloyd promptly stretched out a…

Fun Finds Friday #108

This was made using a fish tank!!

Fall has me wanting some plaid in my closet.

Um, can I please live here?!?!

+ Optical illusions are crazy!
+ Cats and dogs can actually love you ...but we all already knew that, right? ;)
+ I'm not a perfume-wearer, but the idea of making my own intrigues me.
+ Maybe I've already shared this before, but I love everything about it.
+ I'm not familiar with half of the characters anymore, but these Disney doodles are cute!
+ I love love stories.
+ You guys. There's a Walking Dead themed cruise. Would you go?

Happy Friday!!!!

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Project 365, 286-292

I've been struggling to get back into a regular blog schedule since getting back from Spain... I'm not sure why exactly, except that I'm trying to spend my time away from work not on the computer. My head isn't quite back in blog-mode, so last weeks 365 photos are mostly of the cats. Hey, at least they're cute!

286/365: Lloyd is the instigator when it comes to play time. Sylvester is always minding his own business and then Lloyd appears out of nowhere and swats at him, then runs off expecting Sylvester to chase him. Sylvester rarely picks up on this though and ends up sitting there, annoyed at Lloyd for bugging him.

287/365: I felt the need to document a very basic outfit. I haven't worn jeans for years, mostly because I couldn't find any that felt right. Then I discovered Madewell earlier this year and I jumped back on the jeans-wagon. This outfit felt very much like high-school Marine. Jeans, a t-shirt, and converse. And you know what? I'm ok with th…

Fun Finds Friday #107

The boys would love this.

I love this dress.

Cats and a peter pan collar??!! Too cute!!!

This is so cool!
+ Mmmm.... Prince Eric looks like Ryan Gosling.
+ Can I get my car pimped?!
+ Apparently trees speak when they are thirsty.
+ Be yourself. Whichever self that may be.
+ There's a very colorful home in New Jersey.
+ Okay now I want cocktails and sugar cookies.
+ This made me chuckle.

Happy Friday!!!!

Project 365, 272-285

Well hello there! Long time no see. It's a little difficult to get back into the blogging swing of things after taking two weeks off, but I'm going to attempt a post anyway. There is so much to share about my travels! Mostly the 300+ photos I took. I don't even know what to say about any of it, so for now I'll leave you with two weeks worth of project 365 photos. I'm saving the good photos for another post (...or 3)!

272/365: We have an empty bookcase in our office that Lloyd has been thoroughly enjoying.

273/365: This cat loves tennis balls.

274/365: A pretty accurate representation of every single night. (I missed this while I was away!)

275/365: Pizza! In Madrid! That means chorizo instead of pepperoni, you know. Also, let it be known that fresh pizza is a fantastic dinner after spending 7 hours in a plane. And the banana cream pie at this place was awesome.

276/365: SandwiChez. I don't know why the name of this place we drove past cracked me up.

277/365: In…