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Project 365, 258-264

258/365: I've been learning how to mix/shape/bake the bread at work lately! We make no-knead loaves and serve them alongside everything. My favorite work snack is a piece of bread with some farm fresh butter and sea salt sprinkled on top.

259/365: Lloyd, when did you get so tall?

260/365: I love the way Shawn hangs his wires. This is my favorite corner of his desk area.

261/365: Why yes, I did make some donuts from scratch.

262/365: I kinda forgot to take photos on Friday and Sunday, so here is one of Lloyd from earlier in the week.

263/365: I've been having so much fun packaging up things I've sold on Poshmark! Finally, a use for my many washi tapes.

264/365: And another Lloyd filler for a forgotten photo day - oops! Look at those little feet though.

Things have been quiet on the blog lately, but I warned you all that September was going to be a quiet month! I have a few travel-related posts coming up though, so stay tuned!