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Project 365, 251-257

251/365: I'm back to working on Mondays, so Monday photos are back to being blah. Lloyd is still cute though.

252/365: This is the scene that awaits me every single night. Sylvester yells at us while we're brushing our teeth and doesn't stop until one of us gets in bed. Then, it's cuddle time.

253/365: I drove out to New Hope to visit a friend at her new place. We wandered around town for a bit, grabbed some lunch, then wandered around a wildflower preserve nearby. It's nice to get away from the city and be reminded of nature's beauty every once in a while.

254/365: It has been over two years now and I still can't stop taking photos of this guy.

255/365: Good morning!

256/365: I love getting things other than junk and catalogs in the mail! I've had a pen pal for over ten years now - she's the best!! And, I still can't get over seeing my married name as my last name. It's so strange to me- I spent 26 years with a different name!

257/365: More coloring book fun. I color for 10-20 minutes every day.

Cats cats cats. I haven't done a cat post in a while.... but this post is mostly cat photos so, hey! I told you September was going to be a quiet month...