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Project 365, 244-250

244/365: I had to take a trip down to D.C. to renew my (French) passport. Originally, I had rented a nice place in Maryland through Airbnb for Shawn and I to stay at. Sunday night, Shawn decided he wasn't feeling up for another trip so soon after all the traveling we did for my friend's wedding over the weekend, so instead I linked up with an old friend of mine from high school and spent the night at her place right in the city. We hadn't seen each other since high school, so there was so much to catch up about! (Specifically, the fact that she and her boyfriend got engaged a mere 24 hours before my visit!!) Her second bedroom was absolutely lovely and a welcome place to spend the night on such short notice. So much natural light! Not that you can tell one bit from this photo...

245/365: I made friends with her very chatty cat, Colette. I'm always taken aback by how much smaller female cats are compared to male cats. Lloyd and Sylvester seem HUGE in comparison to all of my friends' cats! On a non-cat note, since I've made prior-mention of feeling stressed out about my trip to the French Embassy, it's worth saying that I had absolutely nothing to worry about as the whole experience of renewing my passport was positive overall. I was very confused the entire time about what to do and where to go, but in my short span thus far as a real adult, it seems to me that feeling confused 85% of the time is just part of being an adult. ... Were those last two sentences confusing? See what I mean?

246/365: Just the Bear being a bear.

247/365: I made olive oil lemon bars with some meyer lemon olive oil I have.... they're incredibly rich and lemony! I would post the recipe, but I just followed this one to a T. Adding a little lemon zest to the crust is brilliant!

248/365: Mike Lorenz plays jazz covers of classic rock songs every Thursday night where I work. He came out with a record! It's cat-approved. Uh, and in case you were wondering... that's a drawing of a vag-eye-na.

249/365: These guys have been all over us since we've been back. I can't say I mind it one bit though! Oh, actually, this photo was to show the first time they've both used the new cat tower at once! Mission accomplished.

250/365: Recipe for stuffed peppers coming this week! It's a staple meal here at Casa de Hill.

Whew! That was a lot packed into just a few days. Between Amy's wedding and my D.C. excursion, I drove over 500 miles in just four days. It was worth it though! I got to catch up with a few old friends, fell in love with rural New Jersey again, and dipped my toes into the greatness that is Washington D.C.... definitely need to go back! Preferably not when I'm on official foreigner business though.