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Packing for 10 Days in Spain

I have been mentally packing for Spain for weeks, and I've had a few items of clothing hanging at the end of my closet in preparation. Packing is always quite the task - first you have to consider where you're going and what you'll be doing, then you have to anticipate what the weather will be like... and if you think you'll be doing any shopping, you have to plan to leave some extra space in your bag for the trip back. There are a lot of factors! I always make a list so that I don't forget the little things, like extra contact lenses and all the cords I'll need to charge my various devices. Thankfully, I don't have to fret too much this trip because I'll be staying with my parents and they have all the little things I may inevitably forget or just not think of to begin with.

My mom sent me a link to the predicted weather for the next two weeks.... rain, rain, rain! That's not what I had initially planned for, but it's easy to toss a raincoat and some water-safe shoes into the mix. Depending on how much it actually rains, I may end up having to buy some rain boots while I'm there. Fingers crossed that it doesn't actually rain as much is predicted!

Here's a list of what I plan on tossing into my carry-on bag:
(I may be slightly over-packing, but I have a tendency to do that...)

+ a short-sleeved white button-up which can be tucked in, tied up, or left loose!
+ a striped tank top, striped t-shirt, black t-shirt, and maroon t-shirt... too many t-shirts? Options!
+ a black dolman-sleeved top which will be perfect for the plane
+ high-rise skinny jeans, chinos, and printed joggers (which are also perfect for the plane!)
+ black shorts, a striped skirt, and a printed dress
+ a drapey cardigan, an anorak, rain jacket, and a black knit jacket
+ leather sandals, huaraches, and funky sneakers
+ a bathing suit, a scarf, a peshtemal, and a small purse
+ various toiletries, my passport, and some books

What do you think, am I overpacking? How do you pack for week-long trips?

(On a somewhat related note... whew! These collages are time-consuming to make! Even with the help of Polyvore. I only had to photograph a few of my actual pieces, thankfully.)