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Project 365, 229-235

229/365: I did it! I went pink! But my hair doesn't like being fun colors, so two cold washes later and my hair is already basically blonde again. :( I know color is temporary, but jeez, it barely even lasted a week!

230/365: Being a good friend means hanging out in hammocks at 1am sometimes.

231/365: Fancy homemade tacos, because, duh.

232/365: Lloyd is a toy hog. This isn't even the worst of it.

233/365: Such a happy looking tennis ball, despite being torn apart by Lloyd!

234/365: Yep, I've jumped on the adult coloring book trend. And I love it. I can't spend alllllll my time on the internet....

235/365: This will be awesome on the long flight to Madrid next month!!

Posting may be sporadic over the next week or so because we have a few big days ahead of us.... my best friend is getting married on Saturday!!! I am so excited for them- the wedding is going to be awesome! I still have to write a toast though, eep! Then on Monday and Tuesday Shawn and I will be in D.C. to renew my passport and take in a little history and sightseeing. Can't wait! I'm just not looking forward to that D.C. traffic....