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Project 365, 222-228

222/365: Somehow I managed to convince Shawn to take a trip to the Philadelphia outlets with me so that we could find him a suit for my friend Amy's wedding next weekend (he's officiating it!). He is a reluctant shopper (like most men, right?), but thankfully we found him a particularly dashing suit, shirt, and tie at the second store we walked into. He still needs shoes to go with it, but that's a trip for another day. Apparently shopping makes us hungry, because we went home and ordered tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. And we ate them allllllll.

223/365: Pretty skies and lazy cats. Lloyd didn't think the sheets needed to be washed, so he made himself comfortable.

224/365: We.... did not do a lot of home cooking last week. Don't judge us!

225/365: I've been practicing doing a crown braid for Amy's wedding. It's all smooth sailing until I get to the back of my head and have to switch my arm position, then it gets pretty messy. Any pointers?

226/365: YOU GUYS. The brewpub where I work makes some awesome beers. This was one of them.

227/365: Susquehanna Bank Center, round 2. Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago this time. What an awesome show!!!! But now I remember why I usually offer to drive to events instead of being a passenger.... toomanydrinkstoolittlefoodandsomuchdancing.

228/365: I'm not gonna lie; I was hungover after the concert. And I had to work a long day. So, you know, this photo is nothing special.

August has been a fun (albeit expensive) month! Two concerts down, and a wedding coming up. September will be a little calmer, but still fun. Shawn and I are taking a short trip to D.C. to renew my passport, and then at the end of the month I leave for Madrid!!! This year has been flying by... do you agree? I feel like Christmas will be here before we know it!