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Project 365, 215-221

215/365: Messing around with the voice activated camera on my phone... outfit inspired by Kaylah. Also, Hi!!! You guys rarely see photos of me on here... why is that?

216/365: I've been sewing kimonos. This is #2. Still trying to get my curved hems right.

217/365: Came home from work and noticed these two hanging out together. I'm so glad they're friends now!

218/365: I spy, with my little eye..... a Lloyd!

219/365: Had lunch with a friend at a cute little place in Fairmount and then spent a few hours wandering around the city. Stopped into Anthropologie to check out their sale, of course. I had my eye on both of these things months ago, when they were full price. Spent less than $50 on the two of them! I need something other than black and white stripes in my closet....

220/365: Shawn and I went to Camden to see Incubus and The Deftones. I hadn't been to that venue in about ten years! (Hey Dad, remember Coldplay?!) What an awesome view of Philadelphia!

221/365: The calm after the storm. We had a rare bottle release at work, which meant we were busier than I've ever seen since working there and I was in panini-land for 3+ straight hours. I got to meet Emma and her husband though, which was neat! Next time she's around, I'd like to be on the other side of the bar!