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Project 365, 207-214

207/365: These two. I can't be jealous that Lloyd loves Shawn so much...

208/365: Trying to step up our dinner-game.

209/365: Smiley-face!

210/365: Shawn and I kept going back and forth about where to order a wedding album from, but when we discovered how easy Chatbooks makes it, we finally went for it! The quality is great for the price, and now we finally have some of our photos in book form. (It only took almost two years...) And at that price, we even ordered a few extra for family members.

211/365: I seem to have lost misplaced my binder of recipes, but it didn't stop me from making lemon blueberry muffins.

212/365: "Mama! We're sooooo hungry!"

213/365: Finally got around to taking some photos for an apartment tour post, and I fixed up a cat tower we got for free (dumpster find!!!). I ran out of rope though so only one of the legs is covered right now.

214/365: I caught Lloyd using the new cat tower!

Remembering to take a photo every day is starting to get more and more difficult as this project continues. With the heat we've been getting, I haven't been doing much other than sitting around the apartment and walking to and from work. And eating tacos. I've taken a ton of photos of the cats these past two weeks... which is exactly what I was trying to avoid when I got into this! Oh well. They can't all be interesting, and they can't all be great.