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Chewy Granola Bars

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some recipes from my old recipe blog, Between Three Kitchens. That blog hasn't been used in years, so I figured it's about time I move those recipes over to here since I'd like to bulk up the recipe section on this blog. Enjoy!

Granola bars are an awesome snack - they're portable, filling, and they kick that mid-day sweets craving right in the mouth! But store-bought granola bars often come with unnecessary added sugars and preservatives; things I really try to avoid. So when my sister made these oh-so-simple and actually-good-for-you granola bars, I just had to follow suit. She didn't use a recipe, so I made it up as I went along and made sure to write down the process so that I would be able to share it here. The only thing you need (aside from the ingredients) is a food processor. I used my mother's ancient Cuisinart; it still works like a pro even after all these years. If you enjoy things like granola bars, sauc…

Project 365, 229-235

229/365: I did it! I went pink! But my hair doesn't like being fun colors, so two cold washes later and my hair is already basically blonde again. :( I know color is temporary, but jeez, it barely even lasted a week!

230/365: Being a good friend means hanging out in hammocks at 1am sometimes.

231/365: Fancy homemade tacos, because, duh.

232/365: Lloyd is a toy hog. This isn't even the worst of it.

233/365: Such a happy looking tennis ball, despite being torn apart by Lloyd!

234/365: Yep, I've jumped on the adult coloring book trend. And I love it. I can't spend alllllll my time on the internet....

235/365: This will be awesome on the long flight to Madrid next month!!

Posting may be sporadic over the next week or so because we have a few big days ahead of us.... my best friend is getting married on Saturday!!! I am so excited for them- the wedding is going to be awesome! I still have to write a toast though, eep! Then on Monday and Tuesday Shawn and I will be in D.C. t…

Fun Finds Friday #103

I love the subtle pattern and hues of this bag!

Bay window dreams.

These would be my go-to lounge/travel/yoga pants.

+ Can't help but smile at everyday objects that look really happy.
+ Sooooo this pretty much nailed it. (I can't wait to be an aunt though! One day.)
+ This. Ridiculous? Or awesome?
+ So many things will happen if we don't have our phones out.
+ This outfit is A+++. I mean, dinosaurs, pastels, and that skirt? Come on!
+ Comparison is the thief of joy, right?
+ Now I want a BLT sandwich. For real, yo.

Happy Friday!!!!

My Makeup Routine

I hesitate to call it a routine, because the days when I put on makeup are few and far between. But lately, those days have been more frequent than usual, so stick with me for the sake of the title. There was a day, not too long ago, when I had no idea how to apply mascara. (Or anything else, for that matter!) I've come a long way since then, even if some of you may laugh at what I consider to be a lot of makeup. With the exception of chapstick and an eyeliner pencil that I very rarely use, everything I own is pictured above.

Because I work in a semi-hot kitchen, I don't wear any makeup on the days when I work. This is both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because I don't have to worry about spending time in front of the mirror before work, but a curse because I'm never going to get this makeup thing down if I only get to practice once or twice a week! So on my days off I usually wear something, even if it's just BB cream and mascara (which it usually is), just …

Project 365, 222-228

222/365: Somehow I managed to convince Shawn to take a trip to the Philadelphia outlets with me so that we could find him a suit for my friend Amy's wedding next weekend (he's officiating it!). He is a reluctant shopper (like most men, right?), but thankfully we found him a particularly dashing suit, shirt, and tie at the second store we walked into. He still needs shoes to go with it, but that's a trip for another day. Apparently shopping makes us hungry, because we went home and ordered tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. And we ate them allllllll.

223/365: Pretty skies and lazy cats. Lloyd didn't think the sheets needed to be washed, so he made himself comfortable.

224/365: We.... did not do a lot of home cooking last week. Don't judge us!

225/365: I've been practicing doing a crown braid for Amy's wedding. It's all smooth sailing until I get to the back of my head and have to switch my arm position, then it gets pretty messy. Any pointers?


Fun Finds Friday #102

I don't usually like yellow, floral print, or maxis... but for some reason this just works.

And I want to pair it with these!

I saw a girl rockin' red gladiators recently and I've been thinking about buying a pair...

...but I really like the simplicity of these. Which would you choose?!

+ The only daycare I want to visit.
+ Solar power! Yes! Get on it, America!
+ Leisy is my maiden name. I don't think there's any relation though, whomp.
+ I would love this bed even more if I were a geologist.

Happy Friday!!!!

Apartment Tour

Finally! Some photos of our apartment. I took these on a way sunnier day than I should have, especially considering one of our blinds in the living room fell down a few weeks ago and we haven't replaced it, so it's extra sunny around here. I know some of you have been curious about how we hang our tapestries and the general decor of our space though, so I took some photos despite the over-exposure. (Both literally and figuratively...) I hope you enjoy this little peek into our world. I love seeing photos of where people live - it helps give a bigger picture of what that person is like. Most of our furniture is from IKEA, and the decorations come from all over, but if you're curious about anything specific, ask in the comments!