Thursday, July 16

The Cat Life - Inner Artist

When my parents most recently came to visit, my mother sent me home with some of my (very) early artwork that she had recently come across at my grandparents' house. She figured I would have fun going through it. I started to pick through it at home the next day... I placed the first painting on the ground, looked away to see the next one, and when I looked back a few seconds later, Lloyd was laying on the first painting. He stayed there for a few hours that day, and would have stayed there longer if Sylvester hadn't come up and tromped all over the painting to settle in next to him. Sylvester isn't as skilled in the delicacies of being a gentle walker. But hey! My childhood artwork is cat-approved!


  1. LOL Great photos! Lloyd is such a funny little guy. Hey, I recently sent home large plastic totes of "treasures" with my girls too. They were less than happy to receive them (have them forced on them) and likely ended up in the dump. :(

  2. So funny and cute! Cloud is obsessed with paper, if I'm drawing or writing I always have to set aside a decoy paper for her to lay on.

  3. :( That's disappointing. It's true that they're probably "treasures" to the parents, more than they are to us children... but I still enjoyed looking through everything! And I certainly would not throw them away!

  4. Yep! Lloyd will lay on whatever you put on the ground. This makes sewing difficult....



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