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Project 365, 187-193

187/365: I've been playing around with different hairstyles, but I can't see the results since we only have one mirror. Apparently, it's also quite difficult to take photos of the back of your own head!

188/365: When in doubt, cat.

189/365: Making (cheater) brownies, and waking up to cats hanging out in places where they shouldn't be...

190/365: Someone told me that bachelorette parties call for erotic cookies, so I appeased the American masses.

191/365: "I see bags... are you leaving us for the weekend?!"

192/365: We didn't do any of that crazy bachelorette party stuff... just rented a lake house, visited a few wineries, did a little shopping, walked on the beach, went to the zoo, and watched romantic comedies. The house we stayed at was beautiful! The weekend wasn't long enough to fully enjoy everything it had to offer. Oh, and Amy snapped a great photo of me. Do not be deceived, those rocks were slippery.

193/365: Leaving vacation is always bittersweet; it's sad because it's over, but it's also pleasant to return home to familiar things.

What's more difficult? Going to work the few days before a vacation, when you have vacation-brain? Or going back to work after vacation, when you have post-vacation-brain? I really don't know. The anticipation always gets in the way of my thought processes, but then reflecting on the vacation afterwards gets in the way too. Hey! I finally got to use my polaroid camera for real this weekend! Not just indoors or to take portraits of people. If Shawn and I had a scanner, I could show you some of the photos, but alas, we do not....


  1. It is the hardest to take a picture of the back of your head!! lol. I was trying to get pictures of my neck piercings to send to someone and took like twenty pictures of the top of my head instead.

  2. Ooh pretty hair! I always feel like I need a few days off before I vacation, and then a few days off right after. Haha.


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