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Project 365, 180-186

180/365: Monday mornings are usually pretty lazy around here...

181/365: Quiche prep! I'll be posting the recipe for this tomorrow.

182/365: We've been making some changes around the apartment, now that we're set to be here for another year. This bar cart is a recent addition! When I came home on Sunday, Shawn had moved the entire dining/living area around... things are finally coming together, after a year! Perhaps it's time for an apartment tour?

183/365: We went disc-golfing again last week, and the whole forest was still dewy from the previous night's rainfall. This meant that our shoes got incredibly muddy, but the forest was lush with green, and all the little critters were out. We saw so many chipmunks, a few bunnies, and even one deer! I had taken a photo of that bench last time, but noticed the recent addition of a response to the statement...

184/365: 90% of the time, Lloyd is laying on his back, with his belly exposed. It's so hard not to rub his belly all the time!

185/365: A few years ago, Shawn and I started finding dimes everywhere, in the most random places. There was even a time when one dropped from the sky, out of nowhere! There's a lot of stuff on the internet about the significance of dimes and the number 10. In our case, findings have usually synced up with times of positive change in our life. It had been a while since our last dime discovery, but on Saturday, Shawn pulled out a board game for us to play, and this dime was perfectly placed on George's forehead. Who knows what it means, if it means anything at all... perhaps it syncs up with my recent job switch.

186/365: I'm guinea pig sitting for some friends this week! The piggies have been skeptical of my presence in their otherwise empty house, but they've been warming up to me since I've been feeding them. Haven't had guinea pigs since I was in high school - I had forgotten how big they are! One of my parents' cats used to lay on top of the cage and watch the pig... I'm sure she loved that!

I'm working ten days in row so that I can have this weekend off for my friend Amy's bachelorette party! We rented a place in Cape May for the weekend, but that's all I can tell you, because that's all she knows! I'm super excited for a girl's weekend though- I went from working in a kitchen full of ladies to working in a kitchen full of guys, and the only person I spend any sort of time with outside of work is Shawn... so I am really looking forward to some quality girl time where I can embrace my girly side. There's not much to my girly side, but it's fun to embrace it every now and then.