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One year with Sylvester!

I feel like a horrible cat mama.... I completely missed Sylvester's one-year anniversary! We adopted him on June 16th 2014. It feels like he has been part of the family for so much longer than that though, especially with how well he and Lloyd get along! And he's still just as chatty and cuddly as ever (more so with Shawn though!). Unlike Lloyd, Sly's personality simply does not come through in photos. I wish you could all meet him! He would lay in your lap all day and chat with you to no end.

Since we don't actually know how old either of our guys are, we just consider the anniversary of when we brought them home to be their birthday....

Happy birthday, Sly!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sylvester! Both of your boys are so cute!

  2. So adorable! I wish my cat would pose or sleep with her toys so I can take pictures of her like you do with Sly!

  3. Happy Birthday to Sylvester! He is a beautiful little guy and if he is chatty and cuddly, he is the perfect cat. He is one lucky little one to be adopted into your cat pack. :)

  4. Happy Sylvester anniversary! He's such a cutie. My tuxedo cat loves to chat too, some days I chat back and fourth with him for an obnoxiously long time! :) I don't know the exact birth date of any of my cats either so we just celebrate the adoption day too. (Which I have also totally forgotten before, oops!)


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