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The Cat Life - Cat Tower

This cat tower used to belong to my parents' cats, Bamboo and Mushu. When they passed, we took it home with us and Lloyd and Sylvester have been using it every single day since. It's starting to look a little shabby though... the top-most tier fell off during our last move and we were never able to reattach it, and the bottom legs have been scratched down to the cardboard layer underneath. Of course, the cats don't care that it's an eyesore and continue to use it anyway... but I've been looking for a new tower for the past few months. We haven't found anything we like in a price range we are willing to pay. So, this shabby tower stays put, for now. That chair next to it is also something we've been meaning to get rid of... I don't think a human has sat in that for over a year! (Good thing too, because the bottom of it is partially broken and might give out under the weight of a non-feline body...) But something keeps stopping us from throwing it away. They have plenty of other furniture to lay on, but for some reason they like that one, so it is sticking around... for now.


  1. I have a matching shabby tower! I have been thinking of covering it in some sort of new fabric, but I might just buy them a new one because I'm lazy

  2. I've considering recovering it too, but it seems like a lot of effort! Hahaha


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