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Project 365, 166-172

166/365: Making Nutella brownie muffins. Yep, those are dinosaur muffin liners.

167/365: Got my first StitchFix box! Nothing wow-ed me though... hopefully the next one will be better!

168/365: Shawn and I had a day off together, so we went disc-golfing early, before the temperature rose and the crowds showed up.

169/365: The desk invasion of June 2015.

170/365: Let's play How Many Toys Can You Place on Sylvester.

171/365: A critter visitor!

172/365: Weirdos.

I went a little heavy on the cat photos last week because it was my first week at my new job and my head just wasn't in the photo game. I love the job though! Things have been easy to learn, and all of my new colleagues are super nice. And I've been enjoying having mornings to putz around the house, run errands, go to yoga classes, and do general somewhat-productive things that I didn't have a chance to do when I was working 9-5. The schedule change has been nice, but it would be nicer if someone would tell my brain that I don't need to wake up at 7am anymore - K, thanks!

Excuse me while I re-find my footing with the blog schedule too!