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Project 365, 152-158

152/365: Playing with light in the rain.

153/365: I love thoughtful packaging! (This dress was inside!)

154/365: Butterscotch brownies.

155/365: Derp.

156/365: ...I totally forgot to take a photo on Friday, so here's one of the boys napping together over the weekend.

157/365: My parents are in town so I spent Saturday visiting my family. I meant to get a photo of all of us, but my mind goes out the window when the five of us are all together. So, here's a photo of some much awaited Thai food from our favorite place in NJ, that I picked up on my way home, for dinner with Shawn. (And dinner the next day. And the next.)

158/365: My mom brought me some of my artwork from when I was 1-4 years old; I was flipping through it and, well, I think Lloyd really likes this one.

Photo-wise, not a great week. But usually that means that the week itself was awesome! (And it was!) The highlight was spending some time with my family, (all five of us!) and planning a trip to visit my parents in Madrid in October!! (With a weekend in Barcelona!) I am super excited for that. Hopefully Shawn and I will get a proper camera before then. Any recommendations for decent digital cameras? We're both so out of the loop when it comes to those kinds of things. Something between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR? Does that even exist? What kind of blogger am I?!?!


  1. Ooh the rainy photos are so pretty. That's so exciting about your trip! There are some affordable DSLRs out there. I use a Nikon D5100 which has been out for a few years. it was expensive when I got it but now it goes for just a couple hundred on amazon. It's a good starter model because it's not terribly intimidating with fancy controls. I used mine on auto mode for years before I got around to messing with the manual settings! Also the Nikon D3100 is the smaller model and less expensive but does about the same thing. I like DSLRs because you can save up and upgrade them with nicer lenses, it's like getting a whole new camera!

  2. Thanks for the camera info! Shawn has something against Nikons, apparently, (I don't know why...) but I will look into them ;) I've always wanted a DSLR because I don't know anything about using manual settings, and I'd like to learn! They are just so pricey most of the time! But something worth investing in, I suppose :)

  3. Yeah some people are very specific about brands. But I'm sure canon has something similar! It can take some time to learn the manual settings but it's definitely worth it!


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