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Project 365, 145-151

145/365: We went disc-golfing with some friends... there's a really awesome course nearby that's split amongst three sections of the forest; I don't have much of an arm for it, but friends + beer + a beautiful day enjoying nature is all you need! And a cute nap afterwards, clearly.

146/365: The ride to my hairdresser's house takes me on some creepy back roads. (Well, they're creepy at night...) (Or am I the creep?

147/365: Double rainbow!

148/365: These two.

149/365: Celebrating some good news & a surprise gift card in the mail! I never go to Starbucks, but I'll treat myself!

150/365: Seriously though, there's so much love between these guys.

151/365: Four-ingredient Nutella brownie muffins... YOU NEED THIS RECIPE. You really really do. NO, REALLY.

I have some good news and a recipe ^^ coming this week.... stay tuned!