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I've Got 40 Trivial Problems

A while ago, I stole this idea for a post from Diana at Unusually Lovely, who stole it from this guy. The idea of turning it into a writing exercise was just lovely, so I figured I would make it my own too. Sometimes it's nice to read something written by/about someone else that makes you think, "Yes! I'm not the only one!"... plus, what else is there to think about other than our own trivial problems that take up space in our heads? So, without further ado, here are fifty forty trivial things about me...

1. My nearing-empty-gas-tank-light always turns on when I'm just a few minutes away from home. I always think to myself "Oh, I'll leave earlier tomorrow and get gas on my way to work", but then I always forget and have to scramble to not be late for work.

2. When I do the laundry, I'm one of those people that folds everything immediately so clothes don't have time to wrinkle. But ever since we moved, it has been more convenient for Shawn to do the laundry on his day off, and he just leaves the clothes in a pile in the bedroom. By the time I get home the last thing I want to do is fold clothes, so they end up sitting around for days until I finally decide to go through them, and by that point, they're all wrinkled.

3. I pee a lot. I always make sure to pee before I go to bed, then I read for a bit, and then I always feel like I need to pee again, even though I know I just went. The same thing happens when I have to drive anywhere - I pee before I leave, and then inevitably have to pee again once I get to where I'm going.

4. Apparently I say the word fuck way too often in conversation. Hm, it's kitchen speak getting the best of me and I really need to watch myself in public.

5. Ever since I was young, everything I own has always had it's own place in my space. I would, and still do, get very annoyed whenever someone else would touch things and not put them back in their place. My family used to mess with me and move things around because they knew it annoyed me.

6. I really really dislike talking on the phone. I don't express myself well when I'm limited to just speech - I'm definitely a hand and body talker.

7. Thus, I also have a really hard time calling people back when they leave me voicemails. I always feel bad because when I eventually get back to people, at least a week or two have passed since they called.

8. I absolutely love baking, and feel incredibly grateful that I get paid to do it... but I don't know if that's what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I don't think my body can handle it for another ten years.

9. When people ask me what my favorite thing to bake is, I feel as though I should have a 'better' answer than chocolate chip cookies. But they're my favorite thing to eat, so they're my favorite thing to bake.

10. I'm actually not much of a sweets-person... I wouldn't eat most of the things that I make at work because they simply do not appeal to me. So when people rave about something I've made, I'm usually not very excited about it. However, give me a bar of chocolate after dinner and I'm all smiles.

11. Most weekdays I end up falling asleep on the couch sometime between 8:30pm and 9pm... I'll sleep for an hour and a half, wake up for half an hour, and then go to bed. I'm pretty sure that's not how naps are supposed to work.

12. I often wake up with my right arm completely numb. I think it's a combination of overusing it at work and then falling asleep on top of it. It can take up to ten minutes to get the feeling back in it.

13. Sometimes I forget to turn the oven off at home after I'm done baking things....

14. Remembering things is not my forte. Some days I'll be in the hallway outside the apartment and I'll remember something I forgot inside. So I'll go inside and grab it, lock the door behind me, and then remember something else inside. By that point I usually just say, "screw it", and walk downstairs.

15. I really hate waiting for things. It feels like such a waste of time, even though I know I most likely wouldn't be doing anything any more productive if I weren't waiting.

16. I always have grand ideas for DIY projects; I'll go out and buy the supplies I need... and then never do anything with them. I have drawers full of fabric, paper, and other assorted things that just sit there. Waiting.

17. My head gets really itchy when I release my hair after it has been tied back all day for work.

18. Being super sarcastic all the time means that whenever I meet new people I worry that they won't pick up on my sarcasm and they'll just think I'm being really mean.

19. I'm hungry all the time.

20. I make it a point to eat breakfast every single morning, but it never satisfies. Unless I eat a full diner breakfast (eggs, potatoes, sausage, and pancakes) my stomach wants more food within the hour.

21. Reading is something I do before falling asleep at night. This means I typically get two pages in and wake up ten minutes later with an open book in my lap.

22. I bit my nails until I was about 22 years old. Now that I no longer bite them, the process of keeping up with them completely eludes me and I end up with these super long nails that usually break before I realize I should trim them.

23. I'm not good at ending conversations. I just start walking away, slowly, and muttering things like "So, ummm, yeahhhh, well..." in hopes that the other person will get the point and end it themselves.

24. My feet are two different sizes. One fits 8 1/2 size shoes but the other one needs size 9.

25. When I'm out in public, I'm like a child. I touch everything and pick things up off the ground. Shawn has to keep track of me otherwise I'll get lost looking at something pretty or soft.

26. I often imagine the worst possible thing that could happen in any situation. I get lost in my head making up different scenarios that (thankfully) never end up happening.

27. I'm a sweaty mess when I sleep, regardless of what I'm wearing or how thick/thin a blanket I use.

28. Centipedes really creep me out. They have way too many legs!

29. I'll take the stairs over an escalator every time. I'm always afraid I'll trip and smash my face on the escalator.

30. My fingers are fat! They're really long, so you can't tell from looking at them, but I have the hardest time finding rings that fit, even midi rings, unless I order a size or two larger than "average". That's why I stick to necklaces and bracelets when it comes to jewelry...

31. My face turns bright red at the slightest hint of embarrassment.

32. Hi, I'm a girl and I fart. A lot. Shawn often asks himself why he married me.

33. I love both of my (cat) boys, but I think I'm slightly allergic to them and Sylvester doesn't help by sleeping right next to my face every single night.

34. I'm a storyteller. Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of storytelling and often spend fifteen minutes telling a story that could be told in five.

35. I am a blogger who is still afraid to take photos out in public.

36. Just like my DIY projects, there are a bunch of half written posts that have been sitting in my drafts for months, some for years, even!

37. I may have a shopping problem. But it's ok, as long as I follow the one in, one out rule, right?

38. I want to travel! All the time! But traveling costs money, and to make money I need to work, and I can't travel all the time if I'm working.

39. People are supposed to brush their teeth twice a day, right? Yeah.... I usually forget to do that in the morning. I forget to put on deodorant more times than I'd like to admit too.

40. This post was started months ago, so I cut the list off at forty instead of fifty to avoid this being pushed back three more months...

Hey! You made it all the way through! You are awesome.


  1. I hate talking on the phone too! I just feel so weird speaking to somebody that I can't see.. I also think I may be mildly allergic to cats. One day I would be interested to see what it's like to live in the absence of cat hair, but I just love cats so much I can't imagine ever not having one! Oh and my face has recently started dong the whole, red when embarrassed thing.. It didn't used to do that and now it just adds to the embarrassment! I like these kinds of posts, I may be stealing this idea in the near future :)

  2. 25 lol!!! And 29 I understand far too well. Fun post! Makes me want to do it

  3. Shawn and I always talk about how we're going to take a break from cats after they guys... you know..... But then we think about life without cats and that just sounds utterly ridiculous.

  4. Do it!! Escalators are evil.


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