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Fun Finds Friday #95

What a lovely necklace!

I was looking at aprons for work and I love this one... it's a little too bright for where I work though.

Anthro always has great, comfy basics. (And they're having a huge sale right now!)

This gradient color puzzle looks pretty difficult.

I caught a ghost on Google Maps!

+ Inspiring quotes turned into comics.
+ I try not too get opinionated about politics on here... but this is absolutely ridiculous.
+ While we're at it, let's talk about overparenting...
+ Life advice from cats.
+ Pizza boy becomes pizza man.
+ Loved this post about how to host a game night for adults.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Wow that puzzle looks crazy haha.

  2. It looks difficult until you realize that all the pieces are the same shape... so once you group like colors together you should have no trouble putting it together. But it's the color part that's tricky!


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