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Fun Finds Friday #94

This galaxy wrapping paper is so cool!

Animal selfies for science!

Sometimes you need little reminders.

+ One of my favorite things about languages is things that can't be translated literally.
+ An interesting look at the hourly wage you need to make to afford a 2-bedroom apartment and live comfortably.
+ Yay for cheap grocery stores! Where was all that food going before?!
+ I enjoyed reading this.
+ (Rough) photoshopping across countries.
+ Sooooo there's something called CatCon? I don't know that I would go to one though.
+ Would you spend the night in a museum on a robotic bed?

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oooh I love that wrapping paper! Haha, I just heard about Catcon the other day. Apparently the owners of really popular instargram cats carried along cardboard cut outs of their cats so people would recognize them! It sounds wild!

  2. Sounds wild and .... weird. I don't do well at big things like that. There's too much going on, and a lot of (dare I say) weirdos. And hey, I'm pretty weird!


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