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Fun Finds Friday #92

Tortoise & Blonde had a pop-up shop at my local Urban Outfitters last weekend and I stopped in, since my current pair is by them... and I promptly fell in love with these. Eventual birthday present? ;)

Got the Anthro catalog in the mail this week and fell in love with this whole look.

And then I saw this one....
(I could do a whole post on what I'm coveting from there right now...)

It drives me crazy when people use they're/their/there incorrectly!

+ Elderly street artists destroying stereotypes.
+ I want to make this cool clock!!
+ Lots of information about cheese and pairings here.
+ Let's make these lemon bars! I have a meyer lemon infused olive oil that would be perfect!
+ So want to see this... I was a BSB fan over N'Sync, for sure.
+ I'm not sure how I feel about this.
+ This kid is going to change the world.

Happy Friday!!